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elcome to So Obsessed!
This is where you can find my fan arts and other creations. I love making fandom wallpapers and writing fanfic, and I also make icons, FocusWriter skins and assorted other things. Please have a look around and I hope you enjoy your visit!
Posted by Ariane on July 26, 2015

Made a new wallpaper, featuring McQueen (James Morrison) from Space: Above And Beyond 😀

Also made it into a FocusWriter theme, and another new theme as well:

The themes are available to download at

Posted by Ariane on July 19, 2015

Finished moving my creative site here, along with all the icons, wallies etc.

Fanfic is now at

Posted by Ariane on May 03, 2015

Here are the few icons I’ve made since my last icon post. 1-2 and 15 were made for iconsomething @ Livejournal back in February, I think. I’m very happy with them. Also really like how the McQueen and Damphousse icons turned out (3, 6-8). The Mummy Returns icons were made for a forum, and they don’t adhere to LJ requirements because of that.

Total Icon Count: 15

Star Trek TOS [1-2]
Space: Above And Beyond [3-9]
The Mummy Returns [10-14]
Stargate: Atlantis [15]



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Posted by Ariane on April 09, 2015

Moved fanfic to its own subdomain, using eFiction for it now.

Posted by Ariane on February 14, 2015

Made a new theme for FocusWriter using one of the photos found on the web recently. You can download it here.