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Moved Sites + Internet Connectivity/Cache Issue + FSO some sites still online?

The following sites have been moved:

I also think my ISP is having some internet connectivity/cache issues – & one of my sites that has been transferred there + other sites hosted by them have been unconnectable for me since sometime Tuesday night. Downforeveryone… says they’re up and so do the people I asked to check. In addition, some of my sites still on FSO keep working OK for me (instead of being offline since Monday like they should) and when I check downforeveryone… it says they are down. So I’m thinking my ISP is having issues. BUT – to add to the confusion, apparently some sites including some of mine on FSO really are still working (both for me, downforeveryone…, other people and also apparently Gertie told somebody that some servers take longer to shut down than others? I don’t know).

So the end result? I’m really confused!

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