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Friday 5 for September 1: More questions about our favorite topic

Today’s questions over at

1. What’s your favorite dehydrated or freeze-dried food?

I can’t think of dehydrated or freeze-dried foods that I use… I used to have powedered milk in storage and use it to make lättyjä because otherwise I would have ran out of fresh milk too quickly. But I don’t even have use that anymore. There’s this certain ice cone which is sprinkled with dried strawberry bits and I like the taste of those bits on the cone, but when I bought a package of dried strawberries I didn’t like them. Dried foods have never been much of a thing in my life, the ones I’ve tested I didn’t like enough to try again.

2. What’s your favorite among foods requiring peeling or shelling?

Banana! The taste is pretty neutral (when it’s just ripe enough, not too little or too much), and it’s filling. I appreciate bananas a lot!

3. What’s something you could probably cook to impress if you were in someone else’s kitchen?

Nothing, I’m not much of a cook and add to that a strange stove and different and probably bigger pans and having to make more of the thing than what I’m used to (being I cook for one) – it’d come out as okay, not impressive.

4. What food do you look forward to getting in a town you visit only once in a while?

There are no such towns, but whenever I go to a restaurant which is about once in five years if that, I always order french fries and lehtipihvi (a leaf steak – a very thin steak, like 2-3 millimeters thick). It’s my favorite meal ever and has been since I was a little kid. I sometimes make lehtipihvi at home too and while it’s good, it’s never as thin as in restaurants and doesn’t taste quite the same either.

5. What foods specific to autumn do you especially enjoy?

I do like hot cocoa year round, but it’s particularly good in the fall when the weather is crisp for the first time after summer, on the edge of freezing.

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