Sometimes I Hate Some Of My Neighbors
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Sometimes I Hate Some Of My Neighbors

It’s 04.00/4 a.m.  and some neighbor of mine has been playing loud music for five hours now :< I guess they have their windows and balcony door open because it’s even louder outside than inside. It’s so loud that I can sing along each song because I can make out the lyrics almost all the time. Echoes through the apartment building and all through the children’s playground and the yard in the middle of the apartment complex :/ They did this at least three times last summer too, which I can sort of understand, it being hot and summer and vacation and stuff. But in the middle of winter, and when people have to go to work in the morning.

Normally this is a quiet apartment complex, with little kids making the most noise and TVs sounding sometimes too loudly in the summer (due to those open windows and balcony doors due to the heat but they’re still at normal noise level), with the occasional party (a few times a year) that’s usually announced beforehand so people know it’s coming. This doesn’t even sound like a party – there’s like two voices, they talk normally and it’s quiet between songs (they skip a lot of songs) and sometimes it sounds like maybe they’re singing karaoke. It’s just that the music is so bloody loud, I can’t sleep or escape it. I don’t think other people can either, because when I went out so see if I can figure out which apartment it’s coming from, most of the windows had lights on in the entire building.

I’m really pitying people who have to go to work in the morning.  At this point I’m just about ready to murder these music blaring assholes with my bare hands while praying the loudness and lack of sleep won’t trigger a bad migraine attack :/ I’m so tired, I just want to sleep!

AstraZeneca Vaccine
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AstraZeneca Vaccine

Got my first COVID-19 vaccination today, 10 hours ago. It’s the AstraZeneca one. So far so good, with no discernible side effects! I do have a rather unpleasant headache, but it’s totally within my normal range in every way so I’m unable to say for sure whether it’s caused in part or full by the vaccine because I normally have migraine or a headache every day anyway.

Pic from pixabay because it’s pretty and we’re still having snow ๐Ÿ˜€

EDIT February 18, 2021: during the night, the upper arm muscle I was the vaccinated to, started to ache just like with other vaccinations I have had. Still no other side effects as far as I can tell… Headache is better today and still totally within my normal, so still can’t say if it’s just my normal, or caused by the vaccine in half or full. I leaning towards my normal!

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The Friday Five for 29 January 2021

Answers to yesterday’s The Friday Five questions! Picture from Pixabay, because it’s pretty and because for once we’ve been having snow for the past two weeks or so ๐Ÿ˜€

1) How is your year going so far?

So far so good. I’ve felt terribly exhausted since early December, even more than my normal, but yesterday was a good day and today I’m also feeling okayish so far. I would even go so far and say I’m feeling rested yesterday and today ๐Ÿ˜€ Beginning of the year is always interesting, because I have my Crohn’s Disease yearly check-up in January/February. I had the blood and stool tests done last week, and will see the doctor on the 9th. The blood tests results were kind of weird, about half of them were either just above or below the normal range. But luckly ALAT and AFOS were okay (ALAT has been considerably elevated the last several times), and CALPRO is I think okay for a IBD patient but clearly higher than a healthy person’s.

Otherwise it’s just the same old, same old. Wearing masks and social distancing, staying home and try and do something creative every day, because that brings me pleasure and eases my mind.

2) Have you gotten vaccinated yet? If not, when do you think it’s likely to happen?

Not yet. I’m in one of the medical risk groups, not sure whether the higher or lower one, and currently it’s estimated that those vaccinations will begin in March in my home town. But delays are very possible due the delays in Pfizer-BioNTech has been having lately delivering the vaccines to EU/Finland.

3) Are you bored or are you busy these days?

I’m mostly tired, and sometimes bored. Never busy. I’m also a little worried about my Mom’s upcoming hip surgery, what with the virus spreading in some wards in some hospitals. But the alternative is for her keep going on in pain for who knows how long, and that doesn’t seem like an option either.

4) Is this pandemic good or bad for your finances?

About the same. I usually couldn’t afford even in normal times to go out to eat, to movies etc. Not that did that a lot when I was working for longer bits and could afford things like normal people – I’m more of a homebody, really, and never did appreciate those things so much. I’d much rather buy books and computer stuff, and recently fountain pen and art/crafts stuff when I had money to spend/saved up to. I live alone and don’t have children or anything like that, so pretty much the only additional expenditure due to the pandemic has been having to buy surgical face masks . But luckily I found them for cheap on last year so it didn’t cost me a lot.

5) What are you missing most these days?

Seeing my friend and my Mom without worrying about Covid-19; we only saw a few times last year in person and none so far this year.

Going to to the shops and using busses (I don’t own a car so I have to use a bus) without a mask and keeping a distance.

I guess just being carefree about going about in general.