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The Friday Five for 11 December 2020: Winter Is Coming

My answers to this week’s thefridayfive questions.

1) What is your favorite thing about the winter?

The darkness! My eyes and nerves rest ๐Ÿ˜€ I also love snow when there’s just the right amount of it when it’s enough minus degrees out (Celcius): it’s thick enough on the ground that it’s good to walk on instead loose on top of the ice, making walking hazardous because it’s slippery. And if there’s enough snow that clearing the roads and parking lots forms snow mountains – well, that’s about the only time children making noise makes me grin, because playing in the snow is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

2) What is your favorite winter sport?

I hate all sports so I never watch them and apart from things like Olympics, never know what’s going on.

3) What is the best winter treat?

Hot chocolate after playing/a nice long walk in thick snow with lots of minus degrees.

4) What is the earliest time in the year it ever snowed where you live?

I can’t remember! My area doesn’t get snow really anymore (global warming), and back in the 80s when we still got really proper winters, I was a kid and didn’t memorize such things! Snow came down when it did, and it did every year.

5) What is the best way to stay warm in the winter?

I’m rather hot blooded, and tend to get over-heated easily so I’m usually lighter dressed compared to most other people, so I’m not the best to answer this. For me it’s always just been regular autumn clothing plus I’d add in one more blouse, or just a bit thicker one. Especially the last 20 years with our no-good, pretend winters I haven’t needed to dress for cold like when I was a kid in the 80s. I’d say dress in layers, so you can shed them as needed both inside and out, have long underwear close to your skin (if it’s too loose it doesn’t warm you) and have good, warm winter boots for your feet. Gloves and a warm hat are needed some of the time too!


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The Friday Five for 13 November 2020: Gifts

Answers to this week’s questions @ thefridayfive

1) What kinds of gifts will you give this holiday season?

The usual: chocolates. I’m poor and can’t spend too much money on gifts so it has to be something I can afford to buy for both my Mom and her SO, and we all think there’s never enough chocolate, so chocolate it is! Sometimes Mom requests a novel or a poetry book, but there’s nothing this year she’d like.

2) What are the best types of presents to give?

I love to give books that have been requested. Because I love reading myself and so do the people who request one from me, I know that a book will be an appreciated gift! After that, I love to give presents that I know are truly needed and wanted, usually of the practical type. In our family it’s totally normal to point out a piece of clothing that one needs, color and size and all, or music cd one wants, and to get that as a present. I’ve been known to ask for a new kettle, or a frying pan, for a present next, or a new pillow (I go through a lot of pillows) and I’m always so happy with them ๐Ÿ™‚ I think of my Mom everytime I used that frying pan ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve never given expensive gits, so things like phones or TVs are out. Things like normal priced clothes (nightgowns or a sweater etc.) is as high as we go as a family. I myself don’t want things like jewellery, or TVs as a gift, because I have no use for expensive jewellery and want to choose my own electronics. I assume other people feel the same. I also feel they’re too expensive to buy as gifts, propably because I’ve always been too poor to buy expensive gifts. So practical gifts that I know will be used are my favorite to give.

3) Have you ever given someone a gift as a surprise? Why did you give the gift?

I haven’t as a true gift. I sometimes bring over a new chocolate I found and loved, and want my friend or Mom to taste it, but it’s not really a gift. More like a fun, surprise tasty thing they might like. Or maybe a really pretty flower I saw in the shops. But it’s not a regular thing I do at all.

4) Have you ever received a gift that you didnโ€™t like? How did you respond?

Yeah, when I was a kid in the mid-1980s my Grandma gave me a pale pink sweater! I hated it on sight and couldn’t believe my Grandma hadn’t figured out I hated pink from the fact that I never, ever wore it. I thanked her though because it was polite to do so, then Mom sort of forced me to wear it once or twice when we visited my Grandma. Moved my Mom and I separated our household (I stayed in our apartment, and she moved in with her SO in mid-1990s, I refused to have in my home so Mom took it with her. She wore it like 25 years around home, until it got scrappy enough to throw out. Yeah, that’s pink sweater the only piece of clothing of “mine”, or a gift, I’ve ever hated.

5) Would you rather give someone a gift or receive a gift? Why?

I’d rather both give *and* receive. I’m not used to giving or receiving gifts without it going both ways, it’d feel weird. I’m usually poor enough that receiving one means I’ll have a little more money left for other things that month (or soonish) if it were something I’d spend money on myself anyway at some point.