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Livejournal Unreachable Again

Livejournal is unreachable again 🙁

LiveJournal Status

[en] LiveJournal administrators are aware of current site access issues. Unfortunately, since 01:25 am PST, the site is under DDoS attack. System administrators of LiveJournal are working to resolve them as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we work to restore access to the service, we will keep you informed about changes in the situation. 

Is it just me or is Livejournal unreachable due to whatever reason about a once a month these days? Seems like it happens more often than it used to….

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Health Update

The same sleep issues continue that I detailed in my previous health post ( It hasn’t gotten any better 🙁

I’m now pretty sure it’s Questran which is causing the problem. I’ve got a phone call appointment with the gastroenterologist today, and unless he can come up with something regarding the problem, I’m going to go off Questran to see if it solves it. It’ll be two weeks on Wednesday, and I need to start sleeping normally again. I also worry that if the sleep problem goes on for much longer, it’ll start to have an effect on the migraine. I’m not going to risk that. So I’m gonna push for the test that will tell for sure if it’s bile acid malabsorption or not. Then if it is, we can try work with Questran again, to find a dosage that allows for normal sleep and still alleviates the diarrhea problem – and cut down some on Imodium – even if it doesn’t end it completely.

EDIT to add:

The gastroenterologist doesn’t think it can be Questran causing the sleep problem. He said it could be that one of  my other meds, Triptyl (an antidepressant which is used among other things, to treat insomnia – but which is also used, at low dosages, to raise pain threshold as in my case), of which am taking a low dosage for migraine prevention every night, isn’t working as it should due to interference from Questran and that I’ve essentially been going through unplanned withdrawal. I think this is a possibility because the sleep problem didn’t start immediately – I’d been taking Questran for nearly two weeks by then, without any side effects.

I’ve been taking Questran 4 times a day, as per instructions, and  the gastroenterologist said that it might be that that schedule, although standard, doesn’t work in me quite as normal, and that taking Questran that often may be preventing Triptyl a chance to absorb normally. So what we are now doing, is change it so that I only take Questran only once a day, in the morning, and Triptyl in the evening. Which puts the time between the two medications to minimum of 12 hours. Hopefully that will be enough for both meds (and all my others!) to do their thing.

So. Yet more experimenting is needed. He also described me a course of light sedative which hopefully will help me to sleep until Triptyl reaches working levels again. If the sleep problem continues despite the changes, he said then I’ll need to see my GP about it. Which should work out well, because I’ve got an appointment with her in 4 weeks and by then I’ll know if the sleep problem is over or not.

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It’s 1am and I’m up. Again. I can’t sleep.  This has been going on since about mid-week last week 🙁 At first I couldn’t sleep at all, but the last two nights it got a little better – I still had bitch of a time falling asleep, but once I did – after getting up a couple of times and after rolling around for hours – I slept okay …ish.

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It’s 3.30am and I just got inside. The carbage can shelter located in the corner of our parking lot burned down completely. No human losses, but one car was completely destroyed and several suffered heat damages. Including mine.

I was sleeping with my window open, and through the sleep heard noise I thought was rain and smelled smoke. Thought there were people smoking near by – but then started to wonder why they took so long to finish and finally woke up completely. I thought the rain sounded weird and there was also the smell of smoke, not very strong but still – I pulled something on and went out to my small back yard to check. It wasn’t raining so I went towards the parking lot, thinking maybe some kids or drunks were playing with fire there,  until I could see around the corner of the building and there was the shelter, completely on fire. Nobody was in sight and I had no idea if it had been called in. So I ran right back in get my cell phone (it was recharging) and called 112 (our 911). Somebody had already called it in and the fire brigade and the police were on their way.

I got some more clothes on (I had only put on a short sleeved shirt and trousers, with bare feet in sandals) and went back out, this time from my front door. Now there were other people gathering there too, watching. My car was only two empty car slots away from the burning building and there was nothing between it and the fire. But it wasn’t on fire. I saw that the car closest to the shelter, only centimeters away from one of the shelter walls, was completely on fire.

I wondered about driving my car away from its slot, along with some other people whose cars were in the other row but a little further away from the fire than mine. In the end none of us dared to. The two slots that were empty usually aren’t, and I think the owners were away from home with their cars because I didn’t see them or their cars anywhere. That’s incredibly lucky, because the first slot is also centimeters away from the wall (you can’t get it from that side because no grown up can fit in between the car and the wall, that’s how small it is on both sides) and if the car had been there, it’d have completely burned down too just like the other car on the other side. And the car in the second slot would have been damaged too.

It took maybe five minutes for the fire brigade to arrive, but it felt like forever. When they did, they got it under control fast, I thought. The walls were still standing, the roof was gone I think, and they pulled down the whole structure I guess for safety reasons. There’s now a pile of wet burned wood where the shelter used to be.

Apparently the fire spread to the whole structure quickly. One girl had come home from work about 10 minutes before, and there were no signs of fire at the time.

I texted the pertinen information to my Mom before I wrote this up; didn’t want to her learn about it in the news in the morning or anything like that and to tell that I’m okay.


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Reading Failure

In the past two weeks, I’ve gotten about a dozen e-mails/wp comments/ twitter messages from people thinking that the site or the twitter account is run and maintained by the celebrity themselves :< These sort of messages come in every once in a while, it’s been fleeding these lately.

Why do so many people fail at reading??!! On most of my fansites I have something like “this is an unofficial fansite for [Insert Celebrity Name]” tagged on the header and also “This is a completely unofficial fansite – the owner is in no contact with neither [Insert Celebrity Name], their management or family in any way what-so-ever.” spelled out in the footer or the sidebar. But judging by the e-mails I get, a number of people read it mean exactly the opposite and send me e-mails and questions thinking they’ll get to speak with the celebrity her/himself *head desk*

Feels like I should start saying “official” instead because the way it’s going, it’s like they’re automatically interpret it to mean the opposite and that no, I really don’t have any contact with [Insert Celebrity Name] :/

Same goes for fansite twitters. Don’t people read the site name or account name and the description at all, or do they see only the letters forming the name of  [Insert Celebrity Name], and never ever even accidentally see anythingat all that is screaming at them from the page that it’s not the [Insert Celebrity Name]’s own offical site or official twitter account???????!!!! Like the words unofficial and fansite and I’m not [Insert Celebrity Name]???????

I’m tired of explaining the same thing over and over and over, but I think it’s rude not to reply legimate comments and questions (by which I mean those that are not clearly spam) so if I don’t, I feel bad.

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Piwigo – Alternative To Coppermine?

Has anyone used Piwigo instead of Coppermine for a gallery? I’ve been playing with it today, and really like it. The download is less than 4MB instead of 17 like with Coppermine, and there’s a plugin to upgrade it automatically that if it works as well as the other plugins, will be sweet. And the plugin install is a lot easier than in Coppermine. They also have some nice themes on offer, although not maybe in what’s thought of as “fansite style”. I haven’t looked at making themes yet so that might be a problem but so far it’s the only minus I can think of. 

Here is my test Piwigo: 

I’m very tempted to switch to Piwigo on at least some of my sites to see how I like it in real use because there’s also one other thing that makes this software look very attractive to me personally: a plugin for WordPress called PiwigoMedia that works (unlike every Coppermine plugin for WordPress I have found) and doesn’t produce shortcodes but real image URLs instead.

But before I do any decisions, I’m curious about others Piwigo experiences.

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Health Update

So I’ve now had all the tests ordered by the infections specialist; nothing was found and no reason for the chronic diarrhea. Removing the two bad teeth has had no effect at all on the CRP levels which continue to be slightly elevated. They decided to refer me to Gastro in case they think they should check me. I was checked by the Gastro but that was about 5 months before the chronic diarrhea started, and was because of the bad hemoglobin.

So now I’m in line for the MRI of the small intestine in October. Yay fun. I guess I should hope they’ll find someting that explains the chronic diarrhea and that can be treated, no matter what it is. I’m pretty sure I’ve this particular thing done already once, but I can’t remember whether it was for the hemoglobin or the diarrhea. But if they want to keep examining me, let them… it’d be nice to have a real explanation.

Huh. I just noticed that categories on the right don’t work. I’ll look into that. EDIT: and now they have disappeared???

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Machines Breaking

Two of my machines broke down this week: first on Sunday, the pipe thingy that brings water into the washing machine and the television on Tuesday 🙁

Mom’s boyfriend was able to fix the pipe, although he had to hunt down a couple of extra parts because one of the parts that came with the new pipe didn’t fit with the faucet. The washing machine is almost 25 years old, and this is the first thing that needed fixing. Still works great, despite being so old *knocks on wood*

Then something broke in the television – there’s no picture, just a black screen and a narrow light/color line about in the middle of the screen. The audio works normally.

The television is also old, 15 years going on 16. If it can’t be fixed, I won’t have the money to buy a new one until I get a job that lasts for more than a month or two. I don’t even want to think about what to do about the television at the moment – whether to try and have it fixed or not. I also can’t get it fixed if that costs too. And I’m not even sure it’s not waste of money to get it fixed now (assuming that whatever it is that’s broken and that fixing would cost what ‘m prepared to pay to fix it)… it’s been repaired once before already and maybe having one or other thing brake soon there after. It’s starting to be that old. Might be better in the long run just write it off now, and buy a good new television the next time I have money enough to big purchases. I can’t ask Mom to buy me one as a birthday or Christmas present, considering how much she’s already helping me with my meds. And even if I could, these new LCD or whatever televisions are so different from this old generation that I’m familiar with, that I’d have to research them anyway for a couple of months just to learn what’s good and what’s not, and whether they all support full HD already (a couple of years back, I know they didn’t even though they were advertised as HD ready) because that’s going to be coming along here apparently around 2015 or so if I remember right. So for now, I think it might best to get a USB tv stick for my computer (I can get one for about 20 euros), and then take my time learning about these new fangled televisions and what’s the evolution of them is going to be in the next few years. So that I don’t buy a tv that is inadequate in couple of years when HD broadcasts start.

Hmm. Food for though. Once thing’s f0r sure – absolutely not gonna do anything about until autumn. Too hot to learn that stuff now!

I just worry that all my house hold appliances start to break down now – the washing machine is the oldest, the television the second oldest. All the others were bought when I moved here and that was 13 years ago. They don’t build them to last anymore and the next ones I have to buy; I’ll be lucky if they’ll last 5 years 🙁 I’ve lost count how many of my friends have had to replace machines when they break down about five years after purchase. It seems like they make them to last only until the warranty expires, and then within a year from that, they break down. Just like my previous laptop. The machines should last longer than that! It’s uneconomic and unenviromental to have to replace machines every few years. You’re not supposed to buy a new one every few years (if you have money to do it, which I don’t)!

On the other hand, I’m the kind of person who thinks all machines should last for a long time, the bigger and more expensive it is, the longer. Instead they all, computers, cell phones, washing machines, fridges, they all seem to break down 3-4 after purchase these days. I don’t want to buy that, that’s wasting money. And also, IMO, what you buy, you should use it as long as it works well and fills your needs; you don’t buy a new one just because this one is already 2 years old and doesn’t have all the new toys!

The only things I can see logic buying a new one are computers every few years – and that only if you use programs that new versions can’t run well on a machine that’s a few years old.  All but one of my computers I bought because of that. And the one I didn’t buy because of that, I bought because the previous one broke down 2,5 five years after purchase and fixing it would’ve been almost as costly as buying a new one, especially because it had been already repaired three times under warranty. I had planned to think about a new computer at the earliers, 5 years after purchase. But say like Mom and her boyfriend? They don’t use theirs every day, never use anything but internet for e-mail and Word occasionally. They don’t use it even every week. Usage like that? The computer should last for them for the rest of their lives. It’s 3,5 years old and it better not break.

Huh, this post became something of a rant. But I just hate the thought that the next washing machine or television or whatever I need to buy, is more likely to break down soon after the warranty expired than not :<