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I’m An Idiot

December 2, 2019   Information, Social Media

I was trying to delete a Tumblr sideblog and like a total idiot… deleted my main Tumblr instead. Sigh. *head desk* Unfortunately that means my Xena Warrior Princess and Zahn McClarnon and all the other sideblogs were deleted too. *head desk x1000* Not sure I’ll re-create them, it’s just too much work. I’ll propably just […]

Fandom Mastodon

April 13, 2019   Social Media

I just joined the fandom.ink Mastodon – they have registrations currently open! fandom.ink is a fresh new Mastodon instance designed for fans and fandoms of all types.


July 22, 2016   Social Media

There’s an interesting new service in the make: pilllowfort.io, supposedly combining all the best features of Tumblr/Reddit/Livejournal into one! It sounds like it could be awesome, I hope it’ll really comes into existence! It’s currently in early beta, from what I read. Here’s their Tumblr with more info.