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Finally Open!

I’m finally done re-uploading and re-posting everything. It was a huge undertaking and took me over 40 hours of work to get everything up again, spread over several days. I’m sorry it took so long!

While going through things and re-organizing, I even found two wallpapers that I apparently had uploaded to my deviantart but never to here, or at least they weren’t among my files here. Not sure what happened there. I made them in 2011, and I’m pretty sure I made both of them for a landcomm challenge on Livejournal if I remember correctly

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Chaptered Fanfic

Lately it seems to me that people don’t get chaptered fic ’cause they ask the writer to explain to them the why, what and who of all of it in Chapter 1 because if they continue on to other chapters, they’re gonna be confused. I don’t know… Chapter 1… out of 48. I kind of think you’re not supposed to know exactly why, what and who at this time, you know?

Saw this for the 3rd time today in as many, not sure, weeks?

*head desk*