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Jun 15, 2024

Bridgerton – Season 3 Thoughts

Bridgerton – Season 3 Thoughts

Series 3 is just as much brain candy as the previous seasons! I’m always surprised by how fun I find the show. I love the cheerful color palette and the ladies dresses and stately locales. Just so much fun!

Once again, the main story, the romance, was the most uninteresting bit to me. Most interesting stories in Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte for me have been those “relating to abusive households, forced/arranged marriage, pressures to do with financial ruin, trying to exist within oppressive gender roles that are crushing you” as someone put it. There’s just more meat in those stories than there have been in the romances.

I enjoyed the Bridgertons as a family very much again! I’d have loved to seen more of them as a family, but obviously as the main character was not a Bridgerton this time, that wasn’t possible.

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Jun 6, 2023

TV Thoughts – Queen Charlotte, Endeavour, The Golden Girls

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Enjoyed this a lot more than I expected! It was much more than just about romance – it was about loneliness of being a royal with no peers really, loneliness in a marriage, powerlessness as a woman in the 1760s despite being an aristocrat or a royal, about who a woman is when she was raised for her husband and then when that husband dies, who is she? There was surprising amount of serious things disguised as light romance and pretty gowns.

I enjoyed all the characters but my favorite is still Lady Danbury – I love both the young and older version of her now! Both actresses do a great job with the role.

I loved Michelle Fairley as the Dowager Princess Augusta – her character was so much fun to watch, and I love her performance in this. I’ve seen Michelle Fairley in many things, but this one quickly became my number one favorite of them all.

Endeavour – Final Series

I’m so sad that Endeavour ended! I LOVED that series! Always looked forward the new season. It’s just as good as the original Inspector Morse it’s a prequel to, and one of the tv high lights of the last decade. Consistently good everytime. So I’m sad it ended, but on the other hand – I’m glad it didn’t outstay its welcome and turn less good or even outright bad.

The Golden Girls

Finished my first complete rewatch of The Golden Girls a week or so ago. I loved to watch it on those days I only had brain power for light comedy tv and nothing plotty/heavy/serious. I watched a lot of it back when it originally aired in the 1980s here in Finland, and then later again in my mid-20s but I hadn’t seen all the episodes. I miss comedies like this! What I had no idea was that the show talked about so many societal issues – homelessness, serious illness, menopause, US pension systems etc. All that stuff went right over my head when I was young! It’s also funny and interesting when the girls name drop various celebs, politicians and like tv talk show hosts of the time that I recognize practically all the celebs and a good number of the politicians etc. too!

I want all the nightgowns and dressing gowns Blanche wears! I love wearing that sort of dressing gowns when I’m at home, floor length and flowing. Blanche seems to own a about two dozen different dressing gowns and I want them all! Last year I was hunting for a new dressing gown and I was stunned that all the seemed to be available was knee-length robes made of thick fabrics that are too hot for me. I get hot easily so I only need one about the same thickness as an average cotton night gown or a t-shirt is. The last time I had needed to buy a night gown was about 20 years ago, and the selection seemed to have changed entirely since then :/ There was much less selection in both online and physical shops now, and they were all of that thick and short style. I finally found exactly one brand, that had one model of the type I wanted to sell. It’s a good one, but more selection would’ve been nice.

What I hadn’t realized younger that Blanche, Sophie and Dorothy are actually quite mean to Rose several times. Although Rose did get them back a few times!

What I didn’t remember either and it is totally hilarious, is how deadly competetive Rose is whenever there’s some kind of a competition! It’s the last thing you’d expect from her!

I also remember when Dad and I were buying a new dressing gown as a Mother’s Day gift for Mom in the mid-1980s; there were so many, in so many fabrics, lengths and styles to choose from it took us forever to decide and only had to go to one shop. And I got to try so many on to judge how comfortable the fabric and style would be in long term use.

There’s also sooo many familiar actors as episode guest stars, brings back so many memories! I saw so many of them regularly on tv when I was a kid/teenager!

May 19, 2022

Random TV Thoughts

Random TV Thoughts

Some thoughts about tv series I’ve recently been watching:

  • 1883
  • Arlene Martel in The Monkees
  • Star Trek: Discovery
  • Star Trek: Picard
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • The Endgame (Morena Baccarin)
  • Bridgerton S2
  • Law & Order S21.

Spoilers for many of these. Cut for length.

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