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Covid-19 & Influenza Vaxines

Picture from Pixabay.

I got my 3rd Covid-19 vaxine yesterday morning, along with the influenza vaxine. When I got my second Covid-19 vaxine in May I had a fever for four days, headache, a badly sore arm for five days (couldn’t sleep on that side for a week) and just generally felt sick for four days. So here’s some notes about the 3rd vaxine. My first shot was Astra Zeneca, second and third Moderna.

– I don’t normally have a reaction to the influenza shot, just a mildly sore arm for about two days. This shot seems to be the same so far!
– Covid-19 shot site on the other hand – ouch! Very sore, but so mostly only to touch. I could sleep normally on it last night while tossing and turning (since I do that a lot).
– Yesterday I felt cold in the afternoon/evening (starting about 4 hours after getting the shot), but that seem seems to be gone now and I feel normal as far as that goes.
– Have been having a sort of a headache since last night, but that could also just be my normal. I can’t tell.
– No fever/temperature yesterday or today morning. I’ll check again in the evening just to be sure.
– I feel normal :mrgreen: Was good to go grocery shopping and to the pharmacy normally today.

Last time I felt quite sick the day after the Covid-19 vaxine, so looks like it might be smooth sailing this time around 😀

In other news, we’re having (mild) cold weather this week; it’s been around -6…-9 degrees Celcius this week and I love it! It almost feels like winter 😀

In other, other news – I baked a date bundt cake last weekend and it’s the best damn cake I’ve ever done! So happy because I bake so rarely anymore, and so they don’t always come out so well anymore because I would run out of spoons in the middle and not pay enough attention to what am doing. But this one is perfect, am so proud of myself! 😀 


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Friday 5 for November 12: “Month” is a strange word

Picture from Pixabay.

Answers to questions.

1. November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Are you a peanut butter lover? What are some ways you enjoy consuming it?

Nope, can’t stand it. Disgustingly sweet.

2. November is National Roasting Month. What did you most recently roast, and how did it come out?

It’s been such a long time since I roasted something that I can’t remember what it was! Probably chicken (it’s usually chicken), and probably delicious (it’s usually delicious).

3. November is National Gratitude Month, which of course leads to the American Thanksgiving holiday. What are you particularly grateful for this month?

I’m particularly grateful right now for the basic social assistance I was approved again for for the next several months (assuming my monthly income doesn’t change which is unlikely). This means I can pay my medical bills and get my medications as soon as I need to, instead hoping I can get to them in due course. The tax return always messes this up because all the benefit norms are much too low, and calculatorily the tax return is supposed to stretch for far longer than it does in reality with the real prices of food/rent/gas etc. There’s a lot of bureacracy involved in getting approved again, even though this happens every damn year.

4. November is National Inspirational Role Models month. Who are some of your inspirational role models?

I don’t have role models, really. I’m really impressed though how a lot of writers such as Dean Koontz or Camilla Läckberg can produce such good text book after book, especially since I wrote my few fanfics and it’s so hard for myself.

5. November is National Family Stories Month. What’s an oft-told story in your family?

We reminisce various things more than tell stories – like “Do you remember how Caro (our Beagle) used to have the tips of her ears always crusty with dried food? Her ears were so cute and silky!” or “Always had to be extra careful while cooking or baking in the kitchen because Caro would be right behind me and I might step on her paws when stepping back or to the side if I didn’t remember to be extra careful about moving around!” or “Remember when we went camping when I was a kid every summer? I loved swimming in the ocean when it was raining; kid!me thought it was so much fun [Mom and Dad didn’t think it was fun on the other hand…]. ” That sort of thing.

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Health Update – Migraine Medication

Image from Pixabay. Because pretty.

Just saw my neurologist today and we’re going to try Ajovy (a biologic developed to treat migraines) – he says I fit the requirements for the KELA-reimbursement!!! Yay! This is my last, best hope for improvement! Now I just have to wait for KELA to approve it on their end (should be pretty automatic with my history, but of course there’s always a chance for denial)  – fingers crossed that they will! That should take about a month!

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The Friday Five for 5 November 2021: Clothing

Lena Headey as Cersei in Game Of Thrones

Answers to this weeks question at The Friday Five @ Dreamwidth.

1. Do you have a yearly, or monthly, clothing budget? Do you stick to it?

No budget – I loath clothes shopping, and only do it when I can’t avoid it so I can’t budget it – some months I have to spend some on clothing, but most months not at all. I can’t predict at all on a yearly level what I might need to buy in the next year; there’s just too many variables. Only things I can plan for are the winter coat and winter shoes and I usually only have to buy those once a decade.

2. Do you buy trendy clothes, or classic pieces that can be worn for years?

Clothes that I like, are comfortable, ageless and can be worn for years because they’re well made. I don’t care if they’re trendy or classic or whatever.

3. Is there a current fashion trend that you hate?

There are a lot of styles I think look stupid but I don’t follow fashion so I don’t know if they’re trendy now or not. One style that that looks stupid IMO to are those women’s business trousers that end well above the ankle (like this: – that just looks like you bought the wrong size/ran out of fabric to me!

One that’s not so much stupid as I just can’t wrap my head around is wearing like a thick sweater or a hoodie with skimpy summer shorts with bare legs and sandals – it would seem to me that either your legs are freezing being bare – or your upper body is melting in that thick hoodie, all depending on the weather. Like you can’t possibly be comfortable dressed like that?

4. Have you had clothing altered to fit you better?

I always need to have full lenght trousers shorted because I’m short. I either do it myself or take it in.

5. Is there a piece of clothing, or accessory, that you covet?

Not so much a piece or accessory but…

I’d love to be able to wear high heels, or just shoes in general comfortably! I have huge problems with shoes – only ones that fit are some winter shoe models, some walking shoe models and sandals because my feet are thick in the midfoot (the cuneiforms/metatarsals area) and majority of shoes are too shallow there for my feet to fit in them. And all shoes except for sandals rub my heels bloody so I have to put on damn big double band-aids whenever I put on shoes which also irritates my skin unless I can switch to sandals in work/school/indoors activity for the day instead of wearing the band-aids for hours on end. So I would LOVE to be able to wear all the shoes like normal people!!!

Apart from the shoe issue, I’d love to try on a historical corset sometime! Especially ones custom made for me. I love women’s 1750s dresses. I also love Cersei’s season 1 and 2 costumes so I’d love to try on dresses in those styles as well 🙂 And also 1870s women’s dress. Actually, name any historical women’s dress style and I’d probably want to try it on!

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Picture from Pixabay, because pretty.

Answers to today’s questions at

1. What unique behavior, attire, or ceremony element have you seen at a wedding?

I’ve only ever been to one wedding, about 20 years ago and as such I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think there was anything unique about it. I think the most unique thing about weddings are that of the people in my circle I would have attended the weddings of, none others have married – either they’re single or just live together with their SO.

2. Who’s your favorite piano player? (alternate question: Among people you know, who’s the best piano player?)

The only pianist I can remember is Richard Clayderman and I like his work, so I guess him! (No one I know plays piano)

3. When did rain notably ruin your plans?

Never as far as I can remember. I don’t really mind rain. It rains here a lot during the winter months (so, 8-9 months of the year) (or it’s otherwise wet because it rained during the night) and often in the summer too so it’s very common and I’m used to it. I’d be upset all the time if I minded the rain.

Maybe when I was a kid and we were camping and had planned to do something with my parents or my best friend… but even then I remember loving things like swimming in the ocean while it was raining.

4. What is your going-to-bed ritual like?

I need to read fiction for at least 10 minutes… doesn’t matter whether it’s something I’ve read so many times before that I know it by heart, or whether it’s something completely new. Just need to read something fictional to relax and get into the sleepy state of mind. Of course, often I intend to read just a bit and then look up and it’s three hours later…

5. When did you last give roses to someone or receive them from someone?

I just received roses from my Mom and her SO on Tuesday when they came to visit my birthday! They are the same color as in the pic above.

I can’t quite remember when I last gave them – I gave flowers to my Mom in June for her name day but I can’t remember whether it was roses or something else. Could’ve been those roses that come in pots – she likes them in the summer because then she can plant them in her garden.