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Xena Site About To Shutdown domain will expire sometime on Friday – that’s day after tomorrow! Can’t believe it. I’m both feeling a kind of terror, as well as terribly excited! Terror because I’ve had the site for something like 16 years, I think, in one form of another. I love the series as much as ever, and still follow Lucy Lawless’s career so whenever I see her in something new, I get the urge to watch some Xena again, and when I do that I want the site to exist. The cons just started to outweigh the pros.

I wonder if there’ll ever be a Xena release in HD, on Bluray.  I will cap it from Bluray if there ever is one. I very much wish there will be!

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  1. I enjoyed all the screen shots of Xena like individual scenes, i run a xena fb group and our members loved going on your site aswell as I do. Is there any chance you’d run it up again please or able to send the photos so I could make a folder worst case 😁 x

    1. Sorry but I can’t do it. If I did it for one, I’d have to do it for everyone who asks, then I might just as well have kept the site going. I don’t have the spoons for that.

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