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Nov 20, 2023

Fannish Friday: Best Endings

[personal profile] lirazel asked:

There’s nothing better than a satisfying ending. Tell me about your favorites!

+ Stargate SG-1. The series finale episode “Unending” worked well for me. The story itself wasn’t anything special but entertaining enough… but most of all, I got the very strong feeling over the episode that this isn’t the end. That these characters will go on to further adventures and everything will continue as normal and we just don’t get get to see it. That really worked for me! In my mind, “Unending” is the real end of SG-1, and the two movies that followed actually happened before the “Unending”, never mind the airing order.

+ LOST. The end of LOST is very satisfying to me. All of it, the entire series, really is very satisfying to me. It’s cohesive story from start to finish. I get the same feeling watching the last stretch of episodes as I do when I read a really good book that been a long, adventurous but a satisfying read. I almost never get that feeling from movies/tv shows but I often get it from books and I get it from LOST so the series has a special place in my heart.

I can’t think of other properties that stand out the same way these two do, but I’m sure there are some!

Nov 10, 2023

Fannish Friday: Favorite Beginnings

Fannish Friday: Favorite Beginnings

lirazel asked:

Tell me about a narrative of any kind–TV, movie, book, podcast, whatever–that has a beginning that just grabbed you. Especially if, once you’ve experienced the whole thing, you appreciate the beginning even more!

Stargate: Atlantis. The pilot hooked me from the start (the realization that Atlantis was at the bottom of an ocean!) and then I was fascinated by the Wraith from the second the Keeper was on screen. The show did some interesting stuff with the Wraith, but as a whole I feel like it never entirely lived up to its promise (all alone in an alien city, in another galaxy and cut from Earth). Later as serialized story telling became the norm, I’ve come to the conclusion that Stargate: Atlantis would’ve benefitted from that format hugely. It could’ve tackled philosophical and moral questions without having to conclude a thing in one episode. And the Wraith and things such as Teyla’s Wraithy abilities could’ve been explored even more. If there’s ever an episode that screams to be a multi-parter, it’s “The Queen”. Yeah, I think SGA suffers a lot from being so episodic even though there are many continous elements and storylines.

Lost. Got hooked right away! Saw the pilot two-parter on a Swedish tv chanel we had at the time, and immediately after the second part went on the internet and binged the rest of season 1 that was available over the night – I think it nine episodes were out at the time. I LOVED Lost through the whole series and was completely satisfied with everything including the ending. I loved the attention to characters instead of everything just serving the plot.

Battlestar Galactica (2003). Scifi, “Are you alive?” and Tricia Helfer. Need I say more? And OMG!! it’ll be 20 years next month that the mini-series aired!!! Still feels like it was only last week.