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More Computer Woes (But Not Mine!)

July 28, 2021   Blog, Computer Woes, Personal

So we ended up emergency going out and buying a new laptop for my Mom and her SO. She called me yesterday evening that their laptop was throwing up an errors, and eventually it wouldn’t boot at all. She managed to take a photo of the error one time, and googling lead me to the […]

Windows 10

July 26, 2021   Blog, Computer Woes

Ended up re-installing Windows 10 from scratch, and like always before, that solved all the problems! No more slowness or jerky mouse. Everything is faster now and the touchpad mouse is smooth again, and even Photoshop got a lot faster. Glad I did it – even though getting all my programs re-installed and all the […]

Random Notes

July 19, 2021   Blog, Computer Woes, Weather

It’s the first cool day of the summer!!! 😀  I’m so happy – I can breathe again! Forecast says it should be like this until Saturday when it’ll start to climb day by day until it’s again 30 on Tuesday next week. I just hope there won’t another stretch of uninterrupted heatwave for another month […]

Computer Woes Over Again – New Laptop Is Here!

February 7, 2015   Computer Woes

Got my new laptop yesterday  (it’s Asus G750JM), and it’s very lovely 😀 Very quiet and cool to the touch even after hours of usage, and the best monitor of any of my old laptops ever. The keyboard also feels better than in my last one. It even has one empty hard drive bay, and […]

Computer Woes Update – New Laptop Ordered

February 5, 2015   Computer Woes

We ordered a new laptop yesterday; it’ll take up to 3 days for them to deliver it so maybe I’ll get it tomorrow but more likely after the weekend. Until I get the new laptop, there won’t be any screencap uploads – this laptop can’t handle capping anymore, or things like sorting lots of photos/caps […]