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J. Herbin Fountain Pen Inks

February 24, 2022   Blog, Fountain Pens & Ink, Personal, Stationery

I’m so in love with several of the J. Herbin inks that I’ve been inking my two JInhao X750 pens with only them the last three or four months 😀 I didn’t expect to love them as much as I do – they’re my favorites along with Pilot Iroshizuku inks. Image by J. Herbin I […]


February 21, 2022   Blog, Fountain Pens & Ink, Personal, Stationery

So, wickedlittletown over at Dreamwidth had the idea to take photos of favorite notebooks… here’s mine! My favorite size is A5, I love A4s as well but I don’t need large ones like that very much anymore. EDIT: added Notebooks 5 because I forgot two important ones! Notebooks 1 My functional, every day type of […]