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Health Update + Server Upgrade Reminder

Reminder that my host Webhostpython upgrades the server my account is on today! There should be only minimal downtime, and everything will be back up ASAP!


Not dealing well with the heat since my last post :/

Yesterday was a bad, I felt really poorly around midday – I think my body just got overwhelmed what with the heat, migraine attack, bowels stuff and my period beginning all going on at the same moment. I felt restless, sweaty even though I wasn’t hot and like I must lay down, I felt so bad and out of sorts. So stripped down naked, pointed the floor fan towards my bed, drink more salt/baking soda water to hydrate and went to lie down and just rested. It felt good right away, but especially once the fan had cooled my back down – then I was able to relax. I rested for about three hours but I don’t think I dozed off, and then felt mostly okay and got up. Even my migraine attack was gone, even though I still had twinges if I moved too abruptly.

I was also able to sleep most of the night which makes such a huge difference 😀 I did take some melatonin to help falling asleep, but that doesn’t always do anything for me so I don’t know if it really did anything or not. Main thing is I got some sleep! 😀

I’ve already been to the grocery store today (it’s 7.23AM as I write this) to avoid the worst heat of the day, as it’s only 22C outside still I don’t have to have to have the fan on yet 😀 Right now it’s good! Today and tomorrow should be the only two heat wave days left, and then starting with Sunday, it’s should go down to 25 and lower then on 😀 Maybe I’ll survive yet!

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Summer’s First Heat Wave + Question About Terms

Picture from Pixabay. Because this is where I long to be right now.

Today is the fourth day of this summer’s first heat wave. I’m doing… not okay, but surviving and taking measures to keep hydrated and as cool as I can. Sleep is suffering a lot: I haven’t truly slept for five days… instead I’m just sort of hibernating – not asleep, but not really wake/conscious either at night. So far migraine is dealing with the lack of sleep and heat well, even though I have a hard pressure in my head almost all the time and have to take a lot of pills. Fingers crossed!

I’m very happy and relieved though that the first proper heat wave happened only the last week of June and not earlier. The first three weeks were lovely, pretty much what I like in the summer as far as weather goes – warm enough to be out in a t-shirt and thin, summery loose pants/skirt and sandals. It could’ve been a little more cloudy because that what my eyes and migraine like, but when the sun was out, it wasn’t too hot even for me as long as shade was available for any longer duration. And May was cold, so me being me, I loved that.

I really, truly was scared of the summer this year, after last year’s monster from hell. I never think about the upcoming summer during the in-between months, but I did several times this time, fearing that this summer would be another three month long monster. But so far it doesn’t look like it – last year this time, we’d already had been having the heat wave for more than a month, so this summer’s already winning!! Today’s weather forecast shows that Sunday should be only 25 degrees again (Celcius), instead of the 30-31 we’ve had now for four days and looks like will have for other four days.

Even if disaster strikes there will be a prolonged heat wave, there’s really only July left of “real summer”. Because evenings and nights in August start to get colder, even if days are still hot, so it simply can’t be as unbearable as it is now because you can cool everything down in the evening. So no bloody heat wave three month summer monster from hell this year! Yay! :mrgreen: 

BTW – is there an English term for a heat wave that is no longer a wave? When it stays abnormally hot for an unusual number of weeks or even months?

Because in Finnish what we’re having right now is called “helle”, which is the word the “really fucking hot” and has nothing to do how long it lasts – helle just describes that the weather has passed from “kuuma” (normal hot weather, to be expected in the summer normally) to really fucking hot (to be expected of only a handful of days during summer).

So when it’s 23 degrees out we say it’s “kuuma” (hot), and when it’s above 25 degrees, we say it’s “helle” “really fucking hot”.  When “helle” lasts only for about a week at the most, we can also call it “helleaalto” (heat wave), but when it goes on and one, it’s just “helle”, no “aalto” (wave) about it.

The last several years the number of consecutive “helle” and just “helle” days in general have been increasing in number, so I’ve been wondering it’s there’s a one word term for really fucking hot in English like we do 😀 

PS. Sorry using profanity to describe in the above paragraphs- I just feel like that particular word describes my feelings about and the nature of “helle” perfectly!

Good Weekend!
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Good Weekend!

This past weekend was a really good one! I slept really well for two consecutive nights, accomplished a lot on Saturday and then Sunday was Mother’s Day. Even Mom had slept well (she has sleeping problems as well) and we had enough energy to make food, to make dessert (we don’t usually have dessert), then to make hot sandwiches for coffee and to even putz around their laptop, making sure everything is up-to-date. Both Saturday and Sunday my chronic migraine was good, almost gone, and I felt nearly healthy. I can’t remember the previous time I’ve felt genuinely this well health wise. It was so nice to have an almost pain-free two days and see my Mom! 🥰


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Health Update & Rambling

Today’s been a lousy day 😥 And I also had a scare.

Migraine attack slowly started during the night, and trying to sleep it away didn’t work this time. It has eased up, but head feels nasty and like it would start again at any moment. I’m also sweating, sort of out of breath and feeling like I’ve been wrung inside out. Really fun because I had to go grocery shopping and the pharmacist today. It’s weird that several times now when I’m having a migraine attack, my body seems to go weird: feeling hot and sweaty, feeling out of breath and breathing a little heavily/panting lightly. And often my it seems to my bowels activate and I have to go to the toilet several times. I can’t tell if that last one is actually because of Crohn’s Disease – it could very well be! But I’ve read that migraine is a whole systemic thing, so maybe it can trigger bowels to go often too, I don’t know. Either way, it’s bothersome.

Rambling about the scare bodily functions caused me today and the toll daily taking of pills cause. And how the body seems to go out of whack only at inconvenient times. All behind the cut.

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Iron Infusion

I was given the iron infusion yesterday 😀 It went well, no allergic reaction or anything! The only problem was the nurse had trouble finding a vein (which has been happening more and more for the last year) and the first vein she did find “broke”. It took her a little over 15 minutes to find a vein that worked, at the back of my right hand. But then it all went well! The infusion itself took 35 minutes, and after I had to stay in for observation for half an hour… the whole thing took 1,5 hours all in all.

Now I’m just waiting to see what effect the iron infusion has one – so far no change in head ache, exhaustion or anything else. But the nurse did say that it might take a couple of days before I’ll feel any change, and I’ve also read many, many accounts of other people’s experiences and know that there might a big change, a little change or no change at all. And that things like fever, even worse exhaustion and headache are all possible in addition to good changes while the body processes the wow, there’s suddenly lots of iron! I also know that many people have also needed more than one infusion because their iron deficency is so deep and has lasted a long time (years/decades). So I’m watching with an open mind and cautious optimism 🙂