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May 20, 2024

Random Health & Personal Notes

Random Health & Personal Notes

  • I received my new mattresses and the new couch exactly two weeks ago! The new couch (shown above) is lovely, and very good to sit on. I was rather worried that the new matresses wouldn’t be firm enough – my old one felt like there was almost no give, and when I slept on softer beds in a hotel or at my Mom’s, my back would hurt after a two nights. But I’ve slept on the new mattresses for 12 nights now and it’s great! Feels firm just like my old one, and both my lower back and bra-area back actually feel better! Not as stiff, and they don’t hurt as much. That happened immediately after the first night! I dare say now that I’m happy with the new mattresses ❤️
  • I participated in a Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment that lasted for 10 days and happened over two months, April and May. 4 days, 1 day and 5 days. It ended on Friday, and I haven’t yet received the official summary, findings and recommendation that they will write for me, but I know it will recommend me for intensive medical rehabilitation, either neurological or musculoskeletal disorders because I have various pains around my body in addition to the head pain because of migraine and stomach pains because of Crohn’s Disease. The doctor in his assessment also mentioned that my pains might be Fibromyalgia in nature. That hasn’t been mentioned to me ever before by any doctor, but I’ve looked a bit into it myself because it keeps coming up when researching my symptoms. I just somehow have thought my symptoms are too mild for Fibromyalgia? I don’t know. I guess it’s something to bring to my GP, see what they think. So next step later this week is to try and make an appointment with my GP in order to get the required medical certificate with which to apply to the intensive medical rehabilitation and to talk about the Fibromyalgia thing, and the sleep study that I did a couple of months ago. The appointment will probably take a couple of months to happen, so the intensive medical rehabilitation might likely begin in the fall the earliest. The Doctor of the assessment also recommended rehabilitative work arranged by unemployment agency and county wellbeing services. I did that before COVID-19 and it was good for exploring my functional and working ability. To that end:
  • I have an appointment with the unemployment agency in early June where I’ll learn what they want me to do, likely rehabilitative work at least. 
  • Had my vision checked today, and as suspected because reading things like small text product information on containers while shopping has become impossible, I need varifocal glasses. My first ones! Ordered them, should get them in about 1,5 weeks. They had a an offer going and I got varifocal sunglasses for completely free! It’s still not cheap – 509 euros, but that’s for two varifocal glasses. The normal combined price for them would’ve been 1000+ euros. There’s a lot of air in the normal prices if they can offer 509 euros glasses completely free.
  • I’ve been fighting with KELA all this year. Every month they make incorrect decision about my financial assistance, and I have to calculate the things for them and request a re-check. So far they always corrected it, but it’s fucking stressful because the delays mean I don’t get my financial assistance for the electricity bill, medical bills and medications in time. I always get them, but have to juggle all my money to be able to buy my meds in time. And the errors KELA makes in their calculations are basic ones that they’ve never done before – only after the new regulations issued by the right wing government have come into effect. I think they make them automatically with a formulaic program, and then don’t have any human to check circumstances of the applicant and the results for correctness in those specific circumstances. And I think this is by design because a lot of people trust blindly the decision is correct, and/or sadly it’s too difficult to for them to ask for re-check and tell KELA why it should be re-checked. And I think it’s by design by because the orders from the current government are to cut and save wherever possible, especially when it comes to the unemployed, the poor and the sick. There are a lot of people in the Facebook unemployment and chronic illness groups experiencing this same thing this year. But at least in my case, KELA is just making more work for itself, while simultaneously complaining of too much work, because I will fucking request a re-check every fucking time it’s needed.

Mar 3, 2024

Health Update and More

Health Update and More

I think this is going to be long! My health update, rehab and thoughts about Mom’s SO broken hip’s treatment. Basically, two what-the-fucks and two mostly on the positive side!


I’ve been having a difficult start of the year. In early January everything was still normal (well, my normal – not good, but okay and I could deal with it for the most part). But the week starting with January 22, 2024 I’ve been feeling bad and uncomfortable so much! My sleep problems went back to insomnia – that week started with the 22nd, I slept only every other night. Then the night before Monday next and Tuesday, I didn’t sleep at all either night. And of course it was just when I supposed to partake in a TE-toimisto mandated short job seeker’s course – which meant I had to go get doctor’s/nurses notes for Tuesday and Wednesday, after somehow managing to get through Monday course day with restlessness, migraine and terrible exhaustion. Continue reading

Jan 30, 2024

Health Update

My Mom’s SO slipped week ago on the Monday night outside their home late in the evening, and broke his hip 🙁 It’s been such an icy, slippery weather that’s caused so many falls that they only got to operate on him two days later on Wednesday. He’s still in the hospital. He was moved to the rehabilitative ortogeriatric hospital which specializes in exactly these sort of injuries. He’s been doing well but he’d like Mom to visit every day and she’s not up for it. She needs to rest too! The hardest thing I think for him is that he is a heavy smoker, and can’t smoke at all in that hospital – he can’t get to the smoking area by himself (it’ too long a walk for now) and certainly nurses won’t take him. They say he might have to stay in the hospital even up to a month. They say on their webpage that the goal is to rehabilitate so well that the old person regains his mobility level he had before the fall (or better), if at all possible and so can safely return home and active life. Sounds good! But all is up in the air right now as to what, when and so on and so forth.

I myself self haven’t slept in 48 hours now. I just lay awake and tossed and turned, did not sleep a wink. I tried to take a nap starting a few hours ago, and I think I catnapped maybe? I feel slightly lighter as if I did. I saw a nurse in my health station who had consulted with my GP, and I’m going to try Tenox which helps in getting to sleep. I’ve used it before several years ago when I had bad insomnia and then it helped. So we figured to try and start with that. The triage nurse in the phone was very kind and thorough when she interviewed me when I called in first thing in the morning, took at least 15 minutes to speaking to her. Last week I had only slept every other night, and Monday night I didn’t sleep at all and had 2 migraine attacks during the day then, with another trying to break through the rest of the evening and last night. I hope Tenox helps! It’d be a lot easier and faster than anything else.

Yesterday in addition to the migraines I had a bad day: I was cold, then hot, then cold, restless, couldn’t concentrate on anything, walked back and forth, and my belly hurt due to either having my period or just general Crohn’s Disease fuckery or maybe both, I’m still not sure. The hot/cold thing, restlessness etc. is quite often usual now during certain type of my migraine. The bad thing is I was supposed to partake in a job searching course arranged by TE-toimisto which was mandatory once I had agreed to it, so today when I hadn’t slept for 40+ hours come morning, I had to contact the health station to get a permission slip/doctor’s note to give the unemployment agency. So that’s fun. Bureaucracy. But it’s a good thing I did it – I managed to participate yesterday because it’s a remote course done with MS Teams, but I was walking in front of my laptop and in pain the whole time. And think the properly as I like to do, fill the tasks. I couldn’t have dealt with that today at all. So I’m in sick leave today and tomorrow because of insomnia and it making my migraine worse. The course is tomorrow too but the nurse said the important thing now is to cut off the insomnia because sleep is so important but also because the insomnia is aggravating the migraine and that should tried to be cut off, given my history, so I’ll miss tomorrow’s course too. It’s a 3 day course, and I miss 2 days of it.

I’m actually sad about it – it was about the current jobs situation in my area, and current ways of finding a job which I could use an update on considering the last one I had was in 2017. Also about CVs, how to make an effective application for different types of jobs. The teacher still shares the docs with me because I was on for the first day, and there’s free personal tutoring available with this course, and he said I’m welcome to contact him when I’m feeling better. So that’s nice!

Jan 6, 2024

The Friday Five, a Bit Late

The Friday Five, a Bit Late

The first friday five questions of the year at Dreamwidth.

1. In what ways do you expect/hope this year to be better than last year?

I don’t really hope/expect 2024 to be better per se, but for the first time in 15 years I feel like this year my health problems might stay stable and at the level they are now. All the other years for the last 15 years I’ve either known the health stuff is going get worse, or have had a doomed feeling. But now I feel like I’ve reached a stable state and while setbacks and/or new health problems are always possible what with the Crohn’s Disease and anemia and all, I don’t feel like I’m automatically doomed to get worse.

I’ll happily settle this if it does turn out to be a boring year health problems wise!

2. In what ways do you expect/hope this year to be worse than last year?

Personally: financially and bureautically. There are several law changes in the pipeline by the new far-right wing government that will make my living situation worse.

Politically: the far-right wing government is making changes in employment, housing, social and wellfare laws that mean bad things for the unemployed, low wage earners, the sick, the kids, education, health care and more. Basically everyone who is not among the richest 10% are going to suffer in one way or another, and the lower your income, the more you suffer. The right-wing government are attacking on several fronts, and many of their new proposed laws actually are in contradiction of their stated government programme goals. It’s being said that the government is effecting a paradigm shift in how Finland views many things, even human rights.

The employee Unions and many research etc. organizations are warning of the effects of the new laws and trying to resist the law changes. It’s looking like the country might be heading into the general strike for the first time since 1956.

3. What year would you travel back to if you could?

I’m not sure. Part of me would like to go back to my childhood when everything was carefree – but I’d really actually hate having to go through school again.

On the other hand, I think it’d be best if I went back to 2008 – I could try and get my migraines sorted out so that they don’t go chronic and daily. And also to get a breast reduction done then before the onset of Type 2 Diabetes – because I’ve noticed my wounds don’t heal that well anymore so I don’t think I’ll have it done anymore because of that.

On third hand, if I went back to 1994 May onwards I’d get to be with my Mom’s Beagle pup! She counted be as part of her pack and I loved her like crazy.

4. What was your worst year?

2008. That is a divider for me – there is before 2008, and there is after 2008. It isn’t actually the worst but it’s the watershead of my life. Before 2008 I was healthy with a future, and after I’m not and don’t.

The actual fucking worst are the years when I didn’t know what the fuck was going on with my bowels and whether I could hope for normal bowel function again some day while suffering from horrible daily headaches and migraine attacks 3 times a week – but that time frame went on for so many years and I can’t pin point just one year.

5. What was your best year?

1994-1995. I finished library school, the future was wide open in front of me, full of hope and my Mom got a Beagle puppy who loved me as much as I her. Definitely maybe the best time of my life.

Nov 24, 2023

Update Note

Update Note

Just a quick note that I’m back from the colonoscopy!The Doctor said my bowels look good, in fact about as good as bowels can look! No signs of early stages of cancer, no signs of inflammation. He took biopsies as well and I’ll hear the results of those on December 12. The blood labs taken last week also look good. CRP and Calpro are somewhat elevated, but both have been so for more than a decade now and seem to be normal for me because all my illnesses. (CRP is actually the lab that told the doctors something was going on back in 2008-2012 when I kept showing up complaining about diarrhea that wouldn’t go away. Several times I felt like if if hadn’t been for that elevated CRP, the doctors might have concluded, after doing tests for many things and all coming back negative, that it might be in my head!) Anyway, those two are something to keep eye on but not to worry about. So far so good!

I rewarded myself with Frezza Choco Loco, croissants and rye bread for getting through the “special diet for a week-empty the bowels-colonoscopy” process again!

Now I’m going to do nothing but idle stuff the rest of the day.