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Health Update

September 30, 2022   Blog, Health, Personal

This week has been a trying week! On Sunday my period started two days early which – okay, good at least it’s not late which is used to be a common occurrence so I rather they start early than come late. But means that I have steady stomach pain for however many days I bleed […]

4th COVID-19 Vaccine

September 9, 2022   Blog, Health

Got my 4th COVID-19 vaccine yesterday! Finally! Felt like THL sure did sat on it this time for my medical risk group despite the number of cases sky-rocketing during the summer 😯 and despite saying that the protection against serious disease only lasts a few months. At one point they said Finland would wait for […]

Health Update + Server Upgrade Reminder

July 1, 2022   Blog, Health, Personal, Rant

Reminder that my host Webhostpython upgrades the server my account is on today! There should be only minimal downtime, and everything will be back up ASAP! —— Not dealing well with the heat since my last post :/ Yesterday was a bad, I felt really poorly around midday – I think my body just got […]

Summer’s First Heat Wave + Question About Terms

June 28, 2022   Blog, Health, Personal, Rant

Picture from Pixabay. Because this is where I long to be right now. Today is the fourth day of this summer’s first heat wave. I’m doing… not okay, but surviving and taking measures to keep hydrated and as cool as I can. Sleep is suffering a lot: I haven’t truly slept for five days… instead […]

Good Weekend!

May 10, 2022   Blog, Health, Personal

This past weekend was a really good one! I slept really well for two consecutive nights, accomplished a lot on Saturday and then Sunday was Mother’s Day. Even Mom had slept well (she has sleeping problems as well) and we had enough energy to make food, to make dessert (we don’t usually have dessert), then […]