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Nov 22, 2023

Notice – Delays Possible If There Are Server Problems

Notice – Delays Possible If There Are Server Problems

I’m going in for a colonoscopy  on Friday, and tomorrow is the lovely day of having to do the “empty the bowls” thing which literally takes the entire day. Which I absolutely hate and has always been the most arduous part of the process for me all the 10 times or so I’ve had to have a colonoscopy done. On Friday after the procedure, I’ll likely be too tired to do anything but rest and certainly no problem solving. So if there are any website or server problems in the next day or two, I’ll start looking into it on Saturday the earliest!

This colonoscopy is a routine checkup that Crohn’s Disease patients must have at certain intervals. My last one was 3 years ago so the Doctor said it is that time again. My symptoms and labs have been the same and stable for the past couple of years, so I’m not really expecting to find out anything alarming but better to check just in case!

On additional note – my daily background headache has been more achy than than normal the last 5 days or so. Really hoping the “empty the bowls” thing won’t make it freak out tomorrow! The liquid used for the emptying possibly lessens the effectiveness of ingestible medications (so, my migraine prevention pills among others) on that day and for my headache, sometimes it’s made it worse while other times it hasn’t. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed!

Apr 26, 2022

Twitter Deleted +Current Contact Info

I never got into Twitter, hadn’t looked at my personal/fanart account for a couple of years and rarely before that, or the Jeri Ryan fansite one at all since 2015… this Elon Musk buying Twitter business reminded me I might as well delete all the Twitter accounts I still had left because I never log in anyway. So they’re all gone now!

If you want to contact me the best way is to do so is to

  1. E-mail me directly at or
  2. Using the form on this page or
  3. Reply to one of the posts here if there’s one with open comment, or
  4. PM me on Dreamwidth if you’re on there, or
  5. To contact me on Tumblr

Those are the places I check daily, or weekly in case of Tumblr (I think Tumblr sends e-mails if you get an Ask? so I should see it the same day). I usually reply within 24 hours but I’m in the GMT+2 timezone so if you’re in the US, it might take a few hours to hear back from me!

Sep 8, 2020

Health Update + New Host

  • Have been on long sick leave again since beginning of July, due to migraine and Crohn’s Disease issues
  • I had a colonoscopy today. My Crohn’s Disease symptoms remain restless for the 9th month now despite increases in medication and a course of a new one, so we wanted to see what’s going on with the bowel. It looked good, the Doctor said, but need to wait for the results of biopsies for final word. Currently, barring something surprising in the biopsies, there’s no cause to start biologics or change main medication. I might benefit from a IBD speciliased dietician’s help, so I’ll see one as soon as they can make it happen. Also should try taking a supporting medication at a different time of day, at a different dosage. And lastly to talk to my doctor who oversees my Diabetes treatment about finding something other than Metforem – apparently that’s a bad one to use on IBD patients (and I’ve noticed that it can have some stomach issues in the mornings) and that there are newer tablet format medications to try. Used laughing gas for the first time during the colonoscopy as sedation, and it went well 😀 I’m much feeling much better than with the previous sedation used, have much more energy and pretty much feel like normal. Good thing also is when laughing gas is used, is that one doesn’t have to stay for observation for a couple of hours after, or have somebody come pick me up and stay the rest of the day and night with them. So thumbs up all the way! 😀
  • Having a third day of unstopping migraine attack. Went to the ER because of it on Sunday evening, worried and scared because of the need to do the awful bowel prep on Monday, and wouldn’t have been able to do it as I was – physically feeling ill and weak, and also strong likelyhood of throwing up the required prep drinks (2 litres of Moviprep + 3-5 litres of additional clear liquids of my choice) which would make for a failed colonoscopy. The ER staff were all very understanding about the issue and managed to get me down to where I could do the prep alright. It went pretty easy actually this time, except for the constant pressure in my had. Although in the last 3 hours or so of the prep the migraine changed from awful pressure in my head to a typical hard headache on temples/forehead. Managed to then get that down early this morning when I finished the prep, and now just waiting to see what it will do. It’s just on the cusp of going bad again or subsiding. Hopefully it subsides! *fingers and toes crossed*
  • Have been so terribly tired the last week and then the three day migraine – I really hope things are looking up now! I could use a change of pace.
  • Haven’t been much looking at my sites because of all that in the last week updates wise, but I did change to a new host, last week I think it was. Everything seems to be okay on that front 😀

Jan 14, 2019

Going In For A Procedure – Delay Fixing Possible Site Problems

Today’s been awful, had a terrible migraine that didn’t want to go away and I’m still worried that it might come back during the night or tomorrow. I’m worried because I’m going to have a routine colonoscopy again on Wednesday (first time in 4 years!), and I need to do the fun fun fun! “empty the bowels” prep tomorrow. Which means drinking about 4,5-6 litres of liquids which I think I won’t be able to do, or at least, won’t be able to keep down if the stupid migraine is on :/

This colonoscopy is just to see what’s going on because my symptoms have been stable the past several years and I haven’t needed to have one done because bloodwork also looked good. Bloodwork still looks good, but due to increased chance of colon cancer with Crohn’s Disease patients, colonoscopies need to be done at regular intervals even when symptoms or bloodwork don’t necessarily warrant it.

The prep and the colonoscopy itself usually wipes me out, so I won’t be online much (or at all) tomorrow and Wednesday. If there are any problems with the sites, I’ll get on it ASAP but propably not before Thursday.

Feb 2, 2017

Update On My Sites

Marta, my co-web at my Rachel Weisz fansite has adopted the site 😀 It’s propably the most complete RW site currently online and I’d have hated to shut it down after all the work gone into it but I also didn’t want to have it anymore. Marta’s been staff there for about 5 years now and she’s done an awesome job, much more than I have for several years now. I’m very happy to turn the site over to her completely 🙂

I’m still on a little bit of on the fence with The Vampire Diaries fansite – I’m not really into the last couple of seasons, season 8 is rather boring but on the other hand there’s only I think 6 episodes left and then the entire series is over, and I still really want to cap season 2 and maybe also re-cap season 3 from Bluray. So I figure I’ll keep it for now. Otherwise I think I’ve reached an acceptable balance – I just couldn’t bring myself to shut down ALL my fansites/screencaps sites or even to adopt them out because they are just too dear to me. But I shut down/adopted out most of them, and it will free up so much of my time that it should help whole lot. For now. That’s not to say it won’t happen in the (near) future, because I really kind of want to shut them all down but for now, there are few that I can’t.

My Sites page has a current listing of all my sites, social media, deviantart etc. accounts.