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Friday 5 for July 15: Scrivening

July 15, 2022   Blog, Memes & Asks, Personal, Writing

Image from PIxabay. Answers to today’s questions at f.riday.com 1. What are your strengths as a writer? I can write description and introspection until the cows come home. This is both a blessing and a weakness because it’s so easy to procrastinate by writing that instead of actions & progressing plot. 2. What are your […]

Writerverse – Land community for writers

June 8, 2012   Writing

We are a creative writing group for all those that love to write and love to help others write. Our central theme is creative writing – original fic, fan fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, screen-writing, and much, much more. Challenges will primarily be individual with a mixture of team challenges and games.  Phase 3 has just […]

Fan Fiction

January 11, 2010   Fan Fiction, Writing

I’ve imported all my writings I wanted to keep to WordPress and deleted the efiction site. You can access them by the Writings link in the menu.

Ranting to self / Thoughts On Writing

January 11, 2010   Writing

I feel bad about not writing, or rather writing so little. Writing isn’t easy for me, it takes a long time and more energy and so much more creativity than say, making wallpapers, or avatars. I think a thing contributing to this is that English isn’t my native language, and I try to be too […]