Nickname: intothisshadow (old ones: Ariane, ariane666, ariane179254, nekhbet-ariane)

Birth date: 1974
Pronouns: She/her
Job: Librarian (unemployed and looking for work) (solving chronic health problems, looking into rehabilitation and probable career change and/or /disability/retirement due to impaired health)
Interests: screencapping, music, reading, making wallpapers, making websites, Photoshop, HD/UHD/4K, tv shows and movies, backing, writing, acrylic pouring

My Brief Online History

I got online in autumn of 1996, and made my first website a few months later. I can’t remember whether it was the Dark Skies site, or the Star Trek one, that I made first. I just know they were both online by early 1997. And then I made several more. The most number of fansites I had going on simultaneously is 18.

I make websites, graphic work like wallpapers and icons, and have written some fanfic.


My Main Fandoms

These are the subjects of my most fannish efforts, or because they keep making me think. I’m also usually always looking for new fanfic and fanart to devour.

Actors & Actresses: Oded Fehr. Jeri Ryan. Rachel Weisz. James Morrison. Morena Baccarin. Tricia Helfer. Zahn McClarnon. Rory McCann.

Movies: The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

TV: Lost. Battlestar Galactica. Xena Warrior Princess. Star Trek (all). Dark Skies. Stargate: Atlantis (Wraith-related only), Space: Above And Beyond. Game Of Thrones. House of the Dragon.

Characters: Ardeth Bay. Evelyn Carnahan. Anck-su-Namun. Meela. Seven Of Nine. Ba’al. Juliet Stuart. Phil Albano. Todd the Wraith. All the other Wraith. T.C. McQueen. Derek Hale. Lydia Martin. Sandor Clegane. Sansa Stark.

In addition I enjoy a lot of British shows and movies, especially thrillers/cop shows and historical costume dramas. A few examples include Inspector Morse (cop show) and Aristocrats (historical costume drama). And my sense of humor is definitely more in line with with British shows – favorites include The Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Keeping Up Appearances and many others – than US sitcoms (only ones I’ve ever rewatched and/or collected are Get Smart! original tv series), Soap and Sledge Hammer!)

The best way to find all the sites I run is to visit My Sites page – there are links to all my sites there.

Creative Pursuits

I make wallpapers, icons, Tumblr edits and have written some fan fiction. These all are posted at here. Sadly, ever since the health stuff started, I have had problems being creative, but I hope it’ll change in the future. Especially writing, I’d like to write something again. And I miss working on a new wallpaper or two every week. I just don’t have as much physical or mental energy anymore as when I was in normal health 🙁

In spring 2018 I got into acrylic pouring and I love it, so fun and relaxing 😀 Also love playing with watercolors and alcoholic inks!

In 2019 I got into fountain pens because I need to keep logs of my daily symptoms, and got fed up with pens running dry every three weeks. I googled for good gel pens (for some reasons, shops near me don’t have them) and somehow wound up reading fountain pen usage reviews! Turns out my hand won’t get tired so quickly writing with a fountain pen, and I love how pretty they can be and all the colorful, pretty inks! Makes a rather sad task much less so! My favorite pen brands so far are Jinhao X750, TWSBI Eco and PenBBS pens. Favorite ink brands are Diamine, J. Herbin, Sailor and Pilot Iroshizuku.

Capping & Fansites

TV series and movies I cap tend to be long-time favorites or develop into such, and they just grab me from the beginning and don’t let me go. I may lose active interest for a year or more, but always find myself coming back. I do get an intense desire to bring back my fansites for them every time I see Morena Baccarin or Lucy Lawless in something, but so far I’ve manage to resist.

In about 2008 I got into capping HD, but I still do DVDs when HD isn’t available. I don’t cap from VHS or standard definition TV broadcasts at all anymore, although I used to back in late 90s.

In the recent years I’ve been wanting to reduce the number of sites I have, and the responsibility that comes with them. In January 2017 I closed about half of my sites (7), and while I was sad too, mostly I was hugely relieved. Since then I’ve had waves of intense desire to close all my other fansites.

My Oded Fehr site fell victim to that desire in April 2019 when the domain expired. Although it was also partly due to the site not getting much traffic anymore, and me not enjoying Oded’s recent works as much as his earlier. Even the fanfic slowed down. And other fans moving on to other things. It feels really weird not the have this site anymore, after having it for 18 years and it being the other of my two dearest sites for more than a decade (Jeri Ryan site is the other one), but I’m feeling also gleeful and free.

Due to the php script, eFiction, which was powering the two Oded Fehr archives I was hosting, getting extremely old and increasingly insecure due to not being really supported to close to a decade or so, and not being functional in future php versions being already foreseeable, in 2020 I applied for and was approved to have the two Oded Fehr fanfic archives  Weaver of Dreams and Land of Dreams to be imported to AO3 via Open Doors project. The COVID-19 got in the way a bit but the import was finished in September 2022 and the Collection opened in its new home. I continue as the Weaver of Dreams collection archivist.

I closed my last two fansites in 2022, leaving only this site, So Obsessed, left. The end of an era, for me.

In January 2020 I figured out how to fix the 4K/UHD HDR to SDR problem using VirtuaDub, which makes capping it a lot faster (1 hour versus 6 hours with ffmpeg, for a one-hour episode) 🤩

In August 2022, I opened a 4K/UHD House of the Dragon 4K/UHD screencaps temp gallery and also a little later, reopened due to popular demand, the 4K/UHD Game of Thrones screencaps gallery that I had up in 2020-2021.

Updated: March 2024