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Look On 2021 – Reading Meme

January 7, 2022   Blog, Memes & Asks, Personal, Reading

  How many books read in 2022? 37 fiction novels cover to cover. Two novels I couldn’t finish – one because I just couldn’t muster enough interest beyond the beginning, and one because I ran out of time to finish it before it needed to be returned to the library due to it having other […]

Health & Personal Update

October 28, 2021   Blog, Health, Personal, Reading

Picture from Pixabay, because pretty. Still struggling with iron defiency. I’ve been taking oral iron supplements for 11 months now and my ferritin levels haven’t improved practically at all. It got from 9 to 21 to 18 and then stayed there, and then the iron supplements finally in mid-September started to make my Crohn’s Disease […]

The Friday Five for 12 March 2021: Books

March 12, 2021   Blog, Memes & Asks, Personal, Reading

Answers for today’s The Friday Five questions. Pic from Pixabay. 1) Have you read more books, or fewer books, this past year than usual? I only started to keep a yearly list of novels I read half way through 2019, but I’d say I’ve been reading books about the same as I usually do! Last […]

Stargate Atlantis Legacy Books

July 20, 2018   Blog, Reading, Stargate Atlantis

I’ve finally finished reading the 8 book series Stargate Atlantis: Legacy, chronicling the events taking place after the series finale “Enemy At The Gate”.  The eight books are just as good as everyone has been saying they are! In many ways I think they surpass the tv series itself, going in depth into issues that […]

Bad Sleep, Dreaming & Liza Marklund’s Panttivanki

July 15, 2012   Health, Personal, Reading

I haven’t slept well the past two nights – hardly at all. I still dream every night, and when I sleep badly, seems like I remember the dreams a lot better than when I sleep well :/ Feeling tired and unenergetic, want to go and try to sleep but I know I won’t be able […]