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Server Upgrade On Friday, July 1st

My host Webhosthpython will be upgrading the server my account is on Friday (July 1, 2022) to a new, more powerful one:

There will be very minimal downtime. We will migrate all of the accounts over ourselves to the new machine. When the migration has been completed, this is where the downtime will occur and last about 5 minutes while we swap the IPs out and activate the new server while powering down the old one. The exact time this will occur unfortunately is unknown since it depends on when the migration is done.

So if you notice any of my sites being down on Friday, this is probably the reason and it’ll be back up ASAP!

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My Mom had a hip replacement surgery little over a year ago, and her hip has been good since then. But her partner called me just now that Mom had managed to displace that hip while vacuuming their sauna. She’s been taken to the hospital, and Mom’s partner said that they had talked that she’ll call him (and me) once she’s been treated and she knows what’s what. The paramedics said that it’ll take hours though – first the hip will be MRIed and then it’ll be put into place. Considering it’s Friday, I’m pretty sure Mom will stay in the hospital for the weekend. It’ll be so hard for her partner and me to wait to hear how Mom is doing, but most of all I feel so bad for Mom! I haven’t found much about recovering from a hip displacement but the one interview I did find, said that the rehabilitation started right from the beginning just like when the surgery was first done. So Mom’s got pain to heal from and a lot of work in front of her again 😥 

The good thing though is that the hospital she was taken to I trust, I’ve been in with my migraines several times, and back in 2014 I was taken in for a week because of Crohn’s and other stuff. I’ve always received good care there.

I don’t get it… just when things are going well for bit and are nice and steady, always something fuckety fuck fuck happens 😥 

EDIT: Mom just called me. She sounded her normal self; she has been through the MRI, the hip has been reset and she’s been examined injuries. Nothing’s broken, she can move her legs and hips and everything works as it should. She doesn’t know for sure yet but thinks she’ll get to go home later today after being observed for a while because she was anesthetized for the  5-10 minutes that it took to reset the hip. She also doesn’t know yet how sore she’s likely to be the next days, or if there’s any particular things or exercises she needs to do, or or not do, but I expect all that will get settled in short order. I’m so relieved!

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Twitter Deleted +Current Contact Info

I never got into Twitter, hadn’t looked at my personal/fanart account for a couple of years and rarely before that, or the Jeri Ryan fansite one at all since 2015… this Elon Musk buying Twitter business reminded me I might as well delete all the Twitter accounts I still had left because I never log in anyway. So they’re all gone now!

If you want to contact me the best way is to do so is to

  1. E-mail me directly at [email protected] or
  2. Using the form on this page or
  3. Reply to one of the posts here if there’s one with open comment, or
  4. PM me on Dreamwidth if you’re on there, or
  5. To contact me on Tumblr

Those are the places I check daily, or weekly in case of Tumblr (I think Tumblr sends e-mails if you get an Ask? so I should see it the same day). I usually reply within 24 hours but I’m in the GMT+2 timezone so if you’re in the US, it might take a few hours to hear back from me!

Space: Above And Beyond Site – New URL
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Space: Above And Beyond Site – New URL

The new URL of the site is Update your bookmarks!

I decided not to renew the domain ( because recently I’ve been feeling like I might like to delete the site but haven’t quite made up my mind to do that yet. I think I might let this one go as well, in addition to all the other sites already gone… so letting the domain go is a step into that direction.

So you might want to download all the screencaps and photos you want off the gallery. I’ll make a proper announcement if/when I do decide for to delete the site, and try to give some warning time before I do it.

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Exciting News! Oded Fehr Fanfic Archives

Weaver Of Dreams and Land Of Dreams will be imported to Archive of Our Own (AO3) via Open Doors project. This is because the software running the two archives, eFiction, is very outdated now and not really supported anymore. Open Doors is the best way to make sure the stories are safe for the future. I will work with Open Doors to import all the stories, and will continue as the archivist even going forward 😀

The two archives will be combined into one collection during the importing process, and the new URL is
Please see this announcement post over at AO3 for further details: