Star Trek: Discovery Ends After 5 Seasons & Star Trek: Picard 3.03 Seventeen Seconds
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Star Trek: Discovery Ends After 5 Seasons & Star Trek: Picard 3.03 Seventeen Seconds

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek DSC has been cancelled. It will end after the upcoming season 5, which will air sometime in 2024.

I’m… not sad, exactly, but maybe wistful? More in the sense of that there’ll be one less (live-action) Trek in the air, than missing these particular characters and stories. But maybe there’ll be a new (live-action) Trek series coming up! I will miss seeing Sonequa Martin-Green on my TV regularly but she was in TWD and then in DSC and I’m sure she’ll head another tv series soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’ll also be something in the scifi/fantasy genre because that’s my favorite!

I think the characters have been in a pretty good place the last few seasons (because the show obviously isn’t going to address in any real way all the horrible trauma the crew as a whole and the characters as individual have suffered what with war, jumping 1000 years into the future and losing all their loved ones/everything they know, dealing with universe ending threats several times in about a span of five years at the most I’d guess). There are finished character & plot arcs and assuming season 5 follows the style of the last few seasons, with a self-contained season long arc, I think it’ll be in a pretty good place to end things. At least I don’t feel that anything is left open and dangling as the show stands right now and I assume season will be more of the same in that regard. Let’s hope there’ll be no earth shattering cliffhangers in the final episode in the desperate hope to get the cancellation cancelled but that they end it well.

Also five seasons is nothing to scoff at! A lot of series never get past one, so DSC did something right even though not everyone loves it. I myself will always be glad it exists because it certainly gave us Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and probably Star Trek: Picard too 😀

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