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Wallpapers I Made In 2022

I made 42 wallpapers all in all last year! A lot of tv and movies I’ve wallpapered a lot before such as Game of Thrones, Jeri Ryan, Oded Fehr or The Mummy movies but also some rarer ones such as The Expanse and Star Trek TOS. Dynasty/The Colbys and The Last Kingdom was completely new!

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Barbara Stanwyck Wallpaper

My first wallpaper of the year is of Barbara Stanwyck, as Connie Colby in The Colbys. Back when I first saw this show in mid-80s, she was my favorite along with Stephanie Beacham as Sable. Prior to the start of the show, I had just seen Barbara Stanwyck in several black & white Hollywood classics and though she was so awesome in those, and was so happy to see her every week in The Colbys 😀 

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Dynasty II: The Colbys – Random Thoughts

Random thoughts about Dynasty II: The Colbys

I saw The Colbys in the mid-80s when I was about 12, so it’s been 30+ years since I last saw this show. It’s always THE soap I compare anything soapy/luxurious-rich-people-movies-tv-shows against.

– I didn’t like Jason when I was a teenager, thought he was booring and wishy-washy about Sable/Francesca! Now I like him a lot better – he’s still too wishy-washy and unclear with Sable, especially after he decided that wants to divorce but he’s not a rapist like Blake or Miles, and doesn’t seem as cutthroat as Blake as a businessman. Dare I say it he seems mostly a decent man?
– Frankie was too too wishy-washy then, and I still think so. And I’m not entirely clear why she abandoned Jeff – because Cecil Colby told her to? Why couldn’t she stay? Because she and Jason were in love? It’s rather selfish, abandoning her son because of that.
– LOVED Connie and Barbara Stanwyck first time around, and still do! She’s awesome!
– Miles really can’t see beyond his own nose, and he rapes Fallon :/ He’s really immature and violent. I don’t think Miles ever loved Channing, he was still hang up on Fallon.
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Dynasty II: The Colbys Wallpaper

The past several months I’ve been re-watching Dynasty for the second time (I don’t really remember anything from the first rewatch about 20 years ago, and originally I only saw about from when Amanda joined the show to the end) and it’s spin-off The Colbys, for the first rewatch ever inspired by discovering in the summer that The Colbys have been released on DVD. When I was a preteen in the 80s and these two shows were aired in my country, The Colbys was my favorite soap, one that I compared all other soaps to ever since. Sable was my favorite character, and I adored Stephanie Beacham in the role. Having finished the rewatch of The Colbys about a month ago, and still loving Sable so much (she’s so much fun!) and Stephanie Beacham, I wanted to do something with her. So here’s a Sable wallpaper :mrgreen: