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Dynasty & The Colbys Wallpapers

Made 6 new wallpapers for Dynasty and The Colbys featuring Joan Collins, Emma Samms, Tracy Scoggins and Claire Yarlett.

Barbara Stanwyck Wallpaper

My first wallpaper of the year is of Barbara Stanwyck, as Connie Colby in The Colbys. Back when I first saw this show in mid-80s, she was my favorite along with Stephanie Beacham as Sable. Prior to the start of the show, I had just seen Barbara Stanwyck in several black & white Hollywood classics […]

Dynasty II: The Colbys – Random Thoughts

December 13, 2021   Blog, Dynasty II: The Colbys, TV & Movies

Random thoughts about Dynasty II: The Colbys I saw The Colbys in the mid-80s when I was about 12, so it’s been 30+ years since I last saw this show. It’s always THE soap I compare anything soapy/luxurious-rich-people-movies-tv-shows against. – I didn’t like Jason when I was a teenager, thought he was booring and wishy-washy […]

Dynasty II: The Colbys Wallpaper

The past several months I’ve been re-watching Dynasty for the second time (I don’t really remember anything from the first rewatch about 20 years ago, and originally I only saw about from when Amanda joined the show to the end) and it’s spin-off The Colbys, for the first rewatch ever inspired by discovering in the […]

Dynasty II: The Colbys

I’ve been rewatching Dynasty and its spin-off Dynasty II: The Colbys the last few weeks. These two are the soaps I compare all other soaps to (and always find them lacking). I was about 11 or 12 years old when The Colbys aired in the mid-80s, and I loved it even more than Dynasty. I […]