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Server Upgrade on November 27, 2022

November 23, 2022   Fansite news, Information

My host WHP will be performing a server upgrade and replacing the server I’m hosted on with a new, more powerful one on next Sunday, the November 27th: There will be very minimal downtime. We will migrate all of the accounts over ourselves to the new machine. When the migration has been completed, this is […]

Sites Down

November 17, 2022   Fansite news, Information

My sites have been down since about 2.30am last night so almost 12 hours now. I’ve contacted my host about it. Edit to add: heard back from WHP! One of the RAID arrays jave failed and they are working on restoring accounts as quickly as possible, but it takes some time. So the sites will […]

PHP Upgrade

October 24, 2022   Blog, Fansite news, Information

Support for PHP 7.4 is ending in just over a month, so I’ve upgraded this site and https://houseofthedragon.so-obsessed.com to current stable php release and everything appears to be working as it should! I don’t see any errors. Once I’m sure everything’s OK, I’ll upgrade the other sites as well. If you see any errors that […]

Sorry For The Downtime

September 24, 2022   Fansite news, Information

Sorry for the downtime! There was a server issue but it’s fixed now and everything should be working normally again!

Oded Fehr Fanfic Archives Are Now On AO3

September 23, 2022   Celebrities, Fansite news, Information, Oded Fehr

The import of Oded Fehr fanfic archives Weaver Of Dreams and Land Of Dreams to AO3 via the Open Doors project is now complete, and the old URLs (https://oded-fehr.so-obsessed.com) redirect to the AO3 Collection: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/weaverofdreams/ I’ll continue as the Weaver Of Dreams admin, and the Collection is open for new works and updates to existing […]