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Oded Fehr Fanfic Archives Are Now On AO3

September 23, 2022   Celebrities, Fansite news, Information, Oded Fehr

The import of Oded Fehr fanfic archives Weaver Of Dreams and Land Of Dreams to AO3 via the Open Doors project is now complete, and the old URLs (https://oded-fehr.so-obsessed.com) redirect to the AO3 Collection: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/weaverofdreams/ I’ll continue as the Weaver Of Dreams admin, and the Collection is open for new works and updates to existing […]

Big Bunch Of Wallpapers

I made 16 new wallpapers yesterday, all in all! 😆 The Dynasty and The Colbys wallies I posted yesterday, and these other ten. The newest version of Photoshop has this excellent new feature “Select Object” which makes cutting backgrounds off a breeze so far! I was playing around with it yesterday and it seems to […]

Oded Fehr – Star Trek DSC 4.01 Kobayashi Maru Screencaps

Added some 4k/UHD (3840×1604) screencaps of Oded from the season 4 premiere   You can see all 45 of them here.

Exciting News! Oded Fehr Fanfic Archives

Weaver Of Dreams and Land Of Dreams will be imported to Archive of Our Own (AO3) via Open Doors project. This is because the software running the two archives, eFiction, is very outdated now and not really supported anymore. Open Doors is the best way to make sure the stories are safe for the future. […]

Oded Fehr Screencaps – Star Trek DSC 3.12 There Is A Tide…

Added screencaps of Oded Fehr from Star Trek DSC 3.12 There Is  A Tide… 🙂