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The Friday Five for 1 July 2022

July 2, 2022   Blog, Crafts, Memes & Asks, Personal

Image from Pixabay because pretty. Answers to this week’s questions at The Friday Five @ DW. 1. What’s your favorite crafty activity? I don’t really have a favorite – never been a crafty person and only in the last few years have started to do some. I love making little notebooks though, using pamphlet stitch, […]

Health Update + Stuff

Health Update Saw my doctor yesterday, and she wrote me sick leave for three months 😀 Whether KELA will approve it or not, that’s a whole another thing but at last I don’t have to worry about for three months that the unemployment office will try to force me to do something I can’t do […]

This Is Amazing

July 31, 2019   Blog, Crafts

Now I want one… and also, I want to make one!