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Apr 23, 2014

Loosing Interest In “The Originals”

Seems I’ve pretty much lost interest in The Originals, starting with the first episode after Claire Holt’s last :/ I haven’t been able to watch 1×17 to the end, just not interested, and not particularly curious – even in general terms – about what’s been going on since Rebecca’s departure. She was a much needed counterpoint to all the male main characters, and the other female characters are either boring or annoying or not important enough to step into her shoes… they’re just not memorable, IMO. They’re so unmemorable I always had trouble remembering there even are other female characters on the show in addition to Rebecca in the first place. I really, really want to like Hayley but she has so little to do or whatever, that makes it seem like she’s an after thought whenever she’s on screen and serves only the male characters’ stories. Even though she’s supposed to be a main one herself 🙁

I also kind of like Genevieve. But she’s not a main character, and I just keep expecting/have a feeling she’ll be killed off sooner rather than later.

I don’t know yet what to do about Haven’t been working on it much since the hospital, and even less since Rebecca’s departure.