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The Friday Five for 8 October 2021

Picture from Pixabay. Answers to this week’s The Friday Five.

1. What is your favorite carnival ride?

Ferris wheel. I haven’t been to a carnival since I was a teenager (so about 30+ years)! But I always loved the Ferris wheel. It was still exciting but sedate enough for me (couldn’t really do those fast spinning things, or the roller coaster – my head felt unpleasant in those).

2. What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Sitting in a swing at my Mom’s backyard and chat with her, as long as it’s not too warm and if the sun’s out, the swing roof must be so pulled that I’m in shade. That’s the only outdoors thing I like that I’m not immediately wanting to end and go inside.

3. What is your favorite household chore?

I don’t have a favorite houshold chore – does anyone?? The least irritating is watching my Roomba do its thing, and doing a little tidying oftne so that things like dishes don’t pile up in the sink.

4. What is something that you always have with you?

Whenever go out for a longer time than it takes to take out the trash: Lipbalm and sun glasses is the one I always have with me and it’s been the longest (40+ years). But now I also always must have my migraine meds and my diarrhea meds with me and of course, also my phone. I usually also always have the gift card to an art supply store with me (unless I’ve used it up) because otherwise I won’t remember to take it with me when I need it.

5. If you could visit any single city in the world (that you have not visited before), where would you go?

That I haven’t visited? That’s a rather difficult choice! Hmm, I think Paris because then I could go to Louvre. I’d be really tempted by Cairo/Giza too because the pyramids.

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The Friday Five for 1 October 2021: Family

Picture from Pixabay. Answers to this week’s The Friday Five questions.

1. Growing up, what sayings/phrases do you remember your mother using? Your father?

Nothing particular comes to mind except for the typical “How was your day/how was school?”. We’d talk about how each of our day went during dinner.

2. What book/song/other did your parents use to put you to sleep?

I don’t remember. What I remember being a habit since I was kindergarden age is Mom or Dad reading to me in the evenings before I learned to read myself, but I never fell asleep during that – I loved stories too much too to fall asleep! Around the time I started school (so 6 years of age) My Mom and Dad started to teach me to read before school did because what I really wanted was to be read to like for hours each and every evening and obviously they didn’t have time to read to me for four hours on workday evenings. Particularly I remember The Famous Five book by Enid Blyton being read to me (they were my faves!), but also Nancy Drew and The Three Investigators books. Learning to read is one of my earliest clear memories.

3. What did you fight with your siblings over?

I’m only child in my (adopted) family. Technically I have biological brothers and sisters somewhere, but I’ve never met them.

4. Do you and your siblings still fight?

See above reply.

5. What was the worst fight you had with any family member?

The only fight I remember was the one about being forced to go to a hobby gym class once a week. Since I was a baby Mom had been taking me with her to “Mom and baby” exercise classes and when I got older she went back to her own exercise class and signed me up for one of my own toddler/little kid class.

Once school started to I started to resent it. I’d have much rather spent the time reading or with my friends and thought school had enough of it already (two hours a week usually) and we as a family did enough of exercising on the weekends by biking/skiing/walking and things. And we always walked and biked to places such as the library or small shopping trip or my Grandma’s anyway so the extra hobby exercise was on top of all that. I usually got some form of exercise most days even without the extra hobby class. It wasn’t fun to me, just a way to get from point A to point B, or to please other people.

None of my friends had extra hobby gym or hobby sports so I thought it was unfair I had to and a complete waste of time when we already did outdoorsy things (biking etc.) more in our everyday life than any of my friends families did, but my Mom and Dad were very into extra hobby exercise because they thought it was fun(!) (it was always all for fun, not competing in our family) and didn’t believe me when I tried to tell them I didn’t enjoy it and wanted to stop. We fought about it regularly for a couple of years until when I was around 11 or 12 and I simply stopped going – I didn’t go the extra hobby gym but lied to Mom and Dad I did and got away with it for like five months. Then when they found out, they finally got it that I really didn’t want to go and agreed that I didn’t have to. They grounded me for two weeks and took away my weekly allowance for two months as a punishment for lying but I was so happy I didn’t care at all!

I thought (and still do) that because they didn’t listen to what I wanted, what I ended up doing was the logical conclusion because it was just simply useless to talking to them about it – I had tried it many times, over many ears and it got me nowhere. That was the only time I actually lied to my parents, and it was the last resort kind of thing.

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The Friday 5 For September 24 2021

Picture from Pixabay.

Answers to today’s questions at The Friday Five @ Dreamwidth

1. What were you doing in 2001? 2011?

2001: having fun with my Mom’s Beagle Caro and my friends. I’d go over to my Mom’s pretty much every week so my Mom, the dog and me would see each other all the time. Also my best friend would come over to my place (she lived with her parents, I lived alone) 2-3 times a week for like 5-6 hours if we were both unemployed. Otherwise we’d see on the weekends. We’d also go on adventures because I had my Mom’s car in use, so we’d explore the nature and towns around our city, and also sometimes make shopping trips (comics) to Helsinki along with some sightseeing there. Often we’d take Caro with us when we went hiking/walking. Those were great days, the best of my life! I still had hope of a good future – of a steady job for myself, and both Mom and I were still healthy and Caro the Beagle was so sweet and loving and fun. I planned to get a dog myself when I had steady employment, and a breast reduction. Life was good! And then from September on, everyone would wonder about the terrorist attacks in the US.

2011: praying I’d get some sort of clarity on why I had been having daily diarrhea for going on three years now (the Crohn’s Disease diagnosis was still a year away but once I got it, it made things mentally better – I knew it wouldn’t go away and I would need to learn to live with it, how to manage it), and praying they could resolve my horrible non-stop headache/migraines. Not knowing whether I could hope for better about those two was awfully stressfull. Also diabetes and hypothyroidism were starting and for a few years it felt like everytime things seemed to level out, a new health problem would pop up. So illnesses and feeling sick every day took all my attention and all my thoughts pretty much. I in such a bad shape both physically and mentally that I don’t remember much else from about 2008 to 2014.

2. What’s something you’ve kept going for over a decade?

Doing fanart (wallpapers, icons etc.) and my fansites. I’ve been doing them faithfully since I started in 1996… so 25 years! I’ve reduced the number of fansites I own drastically, and I don’t have the energy to do wallpapers/icons as often as I used to (I might go a month or two without opening Photoshop, but I’ve never stopped completely but I still collect photos and think about what I want to do next even so), but I enjoy making both fansites and fanart very much still after all these years!

3. What’s an anniversary you want to mark down and celebrate?

If I ever get disability retirement due to my chronic migraines, that certainly is something I’ll celebrate! I feel like I’m on the wrong benefit when I’m on unemployment because the 300 days of long sick leave is all used and there’s no other option. Or if my chronic migraines get better once my periods end and hormones stop (doctors say that it might happen, and also my Mom’s best friend says that once hers stopped her migraines became much less often and less bad – so there’s hope I guess even if I can’t quite believe it), I’ll celebrate that too!

4. What would your past self think of your present self?

That I’ve had a long run of bad luck what with my all my illnesses, and that I’ve failed because I never got a steady employment (quite general in women my age around me) but also that I’ve done well for myself, finding other purpose and joy in my life, such fansites and creative pursuits.

5. What was the first online communality that you loved?

I really loved the fanart Usenet Xena and Hercules fandom in the late 1990s and early 2000s – it also expanded to other scifi-fantasy fandoms, and that’s where I made my first wallpapers and learned so much from makers such as Mike Quick and Beth Smarr. There hasn’t been anything like it since. The Livejournal days were also good fanart wise, so much creativity! My first fanfic community was the Oded Fehr fandom – which was and still is the only one I have finished fanfics for! The fabulous writers at Weaver Of Dreams and Land Of Dreams wrote just the kind of fics I love to read the most about my favorite character Ardeth Bay from The Mummy and other characters Oded Fehr had played, and was very welcoming to newbies in my experience. I still miss that fandom at its best but people have moved on. I was very fortunate to be trusted to adopt both the fanfic archives once the original owners could keep them going anymore; there are so many great stories that would’ve been lost otherwise.

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Feeling Weird Now… the friday five for August 27 2021

I’m having one of those weird days. Alternately being cold and sweating with certain of my Crohn’s symptoms acting up somewhat so can’t go far from the bathroom and my head still feeling a little left over worseness from the migraine yesterday but also feeling weirdly energetic anyway. All my household chores are done, don’t have any vacuuming or washing to do… It’s so weird feeling like this. Can’t seem to concentrate on anything (even reading which is something I can usually do no matter what) and am sort of feeling like I’ve been gently wrung out and then left hanging the wrong side out… lying down feels weird, sitting feels weird, walking outside feels good but I’ve already done that twice today and it’s only 10am… So have answers to old The Friday Five questions.

1. If you could design your life exactly how you’d like, how famous would you be?

Not famous at all! I wouldn’t mind people recognizing my name in certain circumstances such as a patron of something that people associated with the organization in question would know me, but I don’t want to be famous or a celebrity or anything like that.

2. How often would you travel?

Do I still have Crohn’s Disease and chronic migraine? If yes, propably not a all. Except maybe for travelling abroad to try out treatments for migraine not available here.

If not and money’s not an issue (because I’d have all the money I could want – because if I could desig my life as I like because then I’d be rich…) I’d like to make one long trip (like 6-8 weeks or more) a year to some place I’ve always wanted to see – like visit the US/Canada and travel across the country cost to cost, seeing places like Niagara Falls, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Rocky Mountains, and many many more places. These trips would have loose plans and I’d take my time seeing all the places I want. Or alternately I’d make 1-2 shorter trips a year for maybe a week at a time, such as to Cairo or London or Paris, or even just a few days in London whenever I liked. London’s one of my favorite places in the world, and I’d love to be able to go there whenever.

3. How many people would live with you?

I’d live alone, but I’d buy a big house and have staff come in to clean and maintain etc. I’d also have a cook so I could eat proper meals every day (I prefer home cooked food, but I don’t have energy to cook regularly) and because I feel quilty if I don’t eat the food others have made for me (I have problems with appetite, made worse by being chronically tired and too often after I’ve cooked, I’m too tired to eat and/or am not hungry anymore), especially the greens and vegetables. I’d propably get a dog, maybe. I’d have to think about seriously though whether I could be a good dog mom with my illnesses and tiredness.

4. How often would you eat out at restaurants?

About once a month or every other month. I like eating out (fast food doesn’t count here) but more as a treat every now and then.

I’d be likely to do a lot more, is cafes! I don’t do cafes now at all really. Like once a year, at the most (and none during COVID-19). They’re either much too expensive, or what you get for your money isn’t that great. But I’d love to spend money in the few cafes I like, just watching life around me and meeting a friend or my Mom.

5. What new hobby would you get into?

I’d probably want to try many things because I’d have the big house where there’s a craft room or two so now I’d actually have the space to do a lot of things I don’t have the space for now, or the money to buy materials to just make them for fun, or to just try out without knowing whether I’ll stick with it. But it’s the lack of space that’s the big thing. I’d like to try jewellery making, and making acrylic rings, acrylics coasters and clocks. I can’t now because I don’t have to space to store the needed tools and materials, or have space to leave my work out to dry etc. I’d also do large versions of the things I can do now: watercolor and acrylic painting. I got to do some woodwork when I was a kid in school (woodwork was for boys, while knitting and sewing was for girls, but boy and girls had to switch around for a few weeks one year to get some experience from the other side), and liked it, so I’d like to try that again. It’d also be fun to learn to make clothes, so I’d pay someone to teach me or take classes or something. I don’t own a sewing machine, and when I looked into prices of fabrics some years ago, buying fabric to make a sheet, or a t-shirt or whatever, cost just as much or more as buying one ready-made so it doesn’t make sense now to spend money on a sewing machine.

I’d definitely want to own my own (computer) server! So I’d be able to have as much space I want/need for my sites, and still be able to make sure the server is powerful enough to serve the sites fast. So it could be pricier than what I can do now.

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The Friday Five for September 17 2021

Can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted anything!

Snagged this from The Friday Five @ Livejournal.

1. Are you looking forward to Autumn (or Spring, if you are in the other hemisphere)?

I don’t have to look forward to Autumn – we’re in the middle of it 😀 But yes, I always look forward to the Autumn through a summer.

2. What is one thing that marks this season for you more than anything else?

Cool, crisp air and feeling I can breathe again. Trees are also so pretty when their leaves turn to orange and red.

3. If the months are indicative of your age, with January being your birth and December being the
end of the line), what month are you in?

This is a difficult queston! Depends really on how my chronic illnesses, especially Crohn’s Disease advance (there’s a higher risk of colon cancer). If I were healthy, I’d propably be in June or maybe July. But my illnesses could make it so that I’m already in August or September… could go either way!

4. Do you welcome the cooler/warmer days or mourn their loss?

I welcome the cooler days!

5. What is absolutely one thing you have to do in the Autumn/Spring?

There’s nothing, really. Closest would be seeing my Mom on Christmas Eve and eating Christmas foods, but that’s in winter.