Jo’s Daily Questions – September 2023
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Jo’s Daily Questions – September 2023

Answers to Jo’s Daily Questions for September!

1 – World Letter Writing Day: Do you still write actual letters to anyone (email doesn’t count!)? Did you have penpals when you were young(er)? Do you miss receiving actual letters in the mail (or any mail other than junk/flyers)?

No. No. Except for the two years I was doing library studies away from home town and when my Mom would write me letters sometimes (but we usually called), I’ve never gotten anything but bills via mail. So no, I don’t miss it.

2 – Bring Your Manners to Work Day: Bring Your Manners To Work Day was created by The Protocol School of Washington to remind people of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the workplace. How important is it to you to have fulfilling relationships both with colleagues and customers/clients? Have the challenges posed by COVID changed how you view the concepts of courtesy and respect in the workplace?

Can’t really answer this. I haven’t worked for the last 15 years due to being ill, and before that I only had short temp jobs where none of that mattered in a deeper way. It was always important to me to be professional and helpful as much as I could both with co-workers and the library customers, but I wouldn’t call them fulfilling relationships? The jobs were too short for for the most part.

3 – World Beard Day: Beards — yay or nay?

Most nay. But yay for Rory McCann’s Sandor Clegane and mirror!Spock. Continue reading Jo’s Daily Questions – September 2023

The Friday Five for 22 September 2023
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The Friday Five for 22 September 2023

My answers to today’s question at thefridayfive@Dreamwidth

1. What’s your favourite musical?

I haven’t seen a musical since Moulin Rouge came out, but my favorite used to be Silk Stockings and Singing in the Rain. I also LOVE the song Roxanne from Moulin Rouge the movie. But as a whole, I think it’d have to be either Silk Stockings or Singing in the Rain.

2. Would you rather star in: a musical or movie?

Movie. I can’t dance and my singing sounds like a cat being tortured to death.

3. Which actor do you think deserves to be in a musical rather than a movie?

Donno, don’t care.

4. Which is bigger in your opinion, the Oscars or the Tony Awards?

Oscars just because I don’t what the Tony Awards are. I assume for musicals considering the topic but don’t know.

5. Should old musicals be shown in cinemas for those who didn’t have the chance to catch it?

I’d LOVE it 😀 And I mean the musicals made in the 1940s and 1950s, none of this newer crap.

Friday 5 for September 15: Happy hour
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Friday 5 for September 15: Happy hour

My answers to this week’s question at

1. During which specific hour of the day are you likeliest to be happy?

Now that I’m just home due to being chronically ill, there is no particular hour because it can be just whenever. But back when I was working or in school, it was always around 8/9pm. Because the day’s demands were completely finished or at least done for that day and I could just relax and think whatever.

2. Which food-beverage pairings do you feel strongest about?

I really love a ice cold milk and a just-right-fresh-not-at-all-brown banana. It’s a tasty combo!

3. Do you enjoy (or have you enjoyed) socializing with coworkers?


4. When did you last try something different (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to drink?

Maybe three summers ago I made a sustained effort to learn to like coffee. I tried for three months because it’s sort of un-Finnish not to like coffee but I kept disliking it as much as ever I did! Three months because I read somewhere that’s how long it takes to get used to a new food. Yeah, never happened with me and coffee. I like the Paulig Frezza cold coffee drinks which have like 5% of coffee in it and the rest is milk and various flavors, but real coffee? It’s a big fat NOPE.

5. What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of doing whatever you do during the day?

Reading! It’s always been reading. I have to read for minimum of 10 minutes before lights out or I feel out of sorts and really weird. I usually read for longer than that (for hours often!), but 10 minutes is the minimum to put me in the right head space for rest and relaxation.

Friday 5 for September 1: More questions about our favorite topic
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Friday 5 for September 1: More questions about our favorite topic

Today’s questions over at

1. What’s your favorite dehydrated or freeze-dried food?

I can’t think of dehydrated or freeze-dried foods that I use… I used to have powedered milk in storage and use it to make lättyjä because otherwise I would have ran out of fresh milk too quickly. But I don’t even have use that anymore. There’s this certain ice cone which is sprinkled with dried strawberry bits and I like the taste of those bits on the cone, but when I bought a package of dried strawberries I didn’t like them. Dried foods have never been much of a thing in my life, the ones I’ve tested I didn’t like enough to try again.

2. What’s your favorite among foods requiring peeling or shelling?

Banana! The taste is pretty neutral (when it’s just ripe enough, not too little or too much), and it’s filling. I appreciate bananas a lot!

3. What’s something you could probably cook to impress if you were in someone else’s kitchen?

Nothing, I’m not much of a cook and add to that a strange stove and different and probably bigger pans and having to make more of the thing than what I’m used to (being I cook for one) – it’d come out as okay, not impressive.

4. What food do you look forward to getting in a town you visit only once in a while?

There are no such towns, but whenever I go to a restaurant which is about once in five years if that, I always order french fries and lehtipihvi (a leaf steak – a very thin steak, like 2-3 millimeters thick). It’s my favorite meal ever and has been since I was a little kid. I sometimes make lehtipihvi at home too and while it’s good, it’s never as thin as in restaurants and doesn’t taste quite the same either.

5. What foods specific to autumn do you especially enjoy?

I do like hot cocoa year round, but it’s particularly good in the fall when the weather is crisp for the first time after summer, on the edge of freezing.

Jo’s Daily Questions – August 2023
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Jo’s Daily Questions – August 2023

Almost late answers to Jo’s Daily Questions for August!

1 – World Wide Web Day: Think about how much of what you do each day you do online. If the internet disappeared tomorrow, how would that impact your life? How would you have to start doing things differently (or go back to a pre-internet way of doing things)?

Everything would change, and I mean everything. All banking is done online, all unemployment and most of the social security stuff is done online, information lookup is online, I don’t own a TV and so watch and download all tv shows online, find my music online (luckily I download all my music when I find it so I have all that on my hard drive). Hell, I look up all the phone numbers online when needed! I don’t think phone books are even printed anymore? So I wouldn’t have ready access to all of the above instances without their phone numbers and now I can’t look them up online anymore. Library loans are renewed online. New books to read are found online. Fanfic is online. My illness support groups are online. All bills are on companies’ websites online where you can also pay them via a bank service, or bills are sent to your e-mail. I buy all my clothes online, and the bras sizes I need are only available in this country via a single online shop. And a million other things.

2 – Colouring Book Day: Were colouring books something you enjoyed as a child? Adult colouring is now a huge trend. Do you do colouring as an adult, or would you consider engaging in this activity?

I do enjoy it as an adult! I do it regularly, because it’s something I can do even when I have a bad head day and it staves off boredom when I can’t listen to music, or read as an example, because of migraine. I don’t remember whether I enjoyed it as a kid. It was probably just another activity – okay, but not above others like reading which I loved.

3 – Clean Your Floors Day: How often do you clean your floors? Do you have to deal with different types of flooring (carpeting in some rooms, hardwood, tiles, linoleum in others)? Do you use a regular vacuum cleaner or a robovac, or both? Have you ever gotten down on your hands and knees and actually scrubbed a floor – the whole floor, not just one stubborn stain?

Not often enough! I have a Roomba, but other than that or vacuuming manually, I sometimes sweep with damp after vacuuming. We used to do that after every vacuuming (so, once a week) when I was a kid, but I don’t know if that’s considered necessary now? I have only one type of flooring – I think it’s linoleum but I don’t know these things, and would have to check my papers to know for sure. The pictures linoleum produced when I googled look right though about what it is. Oh, I don’t know if my bathroom’s that too. It’s not tile, but linoleum or plastic or something of that sort. I haven’t had carpets on the floor for about 20 years now because they drove me crazy back when I did and vacuumed.

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