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The Friday Five for 12 August 2022 – Weather & Climate Change (& Recycling)

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Answers to today’s question at thefridayfive @ Dreamwidth

1) What’s the weather like where you are right now?

It’s been around 22-25 degrees Celcius, sunny/overcast.

2) Has your weather been seasonally appropriate lately, or has it been unusual?

It’s been traditionally seasonally appropriate, with only a handful of heat wave days so far. This summer’s been very much like I remember summers being in my childhood! Sunny and warmer days switching with a little bit cooler overcast days. Although we’re supposed to have another mini heat wave from today until next week’s Friday at least, I think. I read that the heat’ll be more of the impending-but-never-happens thunderstorm variety – oppressive, muggy, humid rather than sun glaring hotly but we’ll see next week! Either way, I won’t like the heat.

3) Have you noticed any trends in the weather near you over the past few years?

Yes, big changes.

Our summers have been getting steadily hotter and hotter, with more heat wave days per summer. The summer last year was a monster – three months of unrelenting heat “wave” with temperatures in 28-30 degrees most of time which is historically very unusual. Our buildings aren’t built for hot summers so it was very hard to endure.

Our winters aren’t real winters any more, either – when I was a kid in the 1980s, we’d have temperatures around -20… -25  Celcius normally for months and months (and sometimes even -30 degrees for many days) and lots of snow; now we’re lucky to reach -10 degrees and the little snow we get is all slushy and the sky is grey and wet. Winters don’t much differ from autumn now.

4) Are you worried about climate change?

Sometimes I am and sometimes am not. It changes a lot with how bad the heat is in the summer, and my mood and over-all stress level about  my and my family’s illnesses. When I have a lot of other stress I don’t worry about it because I don’t have the bandwidth.

5) Are you doing anything to combat climate change?

I consciously do some things such as recycling, use reusable shopping bags etc. but most of my contributions stem from the fact that I’m poor. I can’t afford a car and also don’t need one because the public transport system here is good so I use that; can’t afford holidays abroad so I don’t fly or go on cruises; I don’t buy things unless I need them; reuse water bottles; take short showers; use up my clothes until they’re only fit for making cleaning rags etc.

My carbon footprint is already small. I’ve filled out quizzes, and according to their results, there’s three things I could try to do more in my day-to-day life:

1) Recycling even more and more accurately. This depends a lot on my apartment building: we already recycle bio waste, glass, metal, paper, carton (like milk cartons and shipping boxes etc.), and there’s a lot of noise right now about the need to start recycling plastic wrappings and tubs (such as yogurt and butter tubs, plastic cheese wrappings) on national level so I’m sure that will increase in general and our apartment complex will also start to do it at some point. And plastic Coca-Cola etc. bottles and such I return to the shops which all have a collection point for used bottles and you get a 10-40 cents per bottle back when you recycle it. Also clothes that are clean and in good condition can be recycled but collection points aren’t  as widely available as the others, so it depends on whether you have one convenient to you. There’s also recycling for and collection points for small electronics, lamp bulbs, big electronics (dishwashers etc.), bed frames etc. I do all of these to varying extent (I don’t go out of my way because I don’t have a car and can’t lug biggish heavy things to collection points further away, but if it’s convenient and I can carry it there, yes) except the clothing one. A lot of these recycling habits I actually learned when I was growing up in the 1980s, and when new ones have popped in the years since, it was just natural to start doing them too!

2) Switching to walking and/or biking in place of public transports. Hard to do because of my chronic illnesses and chronic exhaustion so I’m not doing well with this one.

3) Eating less red meat and more vegetables. I don’t eat much red meat, but I’ve been buying even more fish and chicken the last few years. I have been consciously trying to eat more vegetables and berries also the last few years but that’s more to do with wanting to eat a little bit healthier a diet than with the climate change.

Most of the other usual suggested things are not an helpful for me because I either already do them, or don’t do them at all, or my living conditions (I live in in an apartment building complex with about 80 apartments all in all) won’t allow them because it’s isn’t suitable or possible without things such changing the entire heating system in the all the buildings or something, so I can only suggest them but I don’t have the power to decide to do them because the other home owners obviously also have a say.

One thing other thing I theoretically could do is to get actively political but whatever left-over energy I have for political stuff goes to to furthering the interests of the unemployed, poor and chronically ill.

I’m sure there’s more things I could do, but not easy day-to-day things.

Sometimes I feel guilty about not doing more, but then remind myself that those things that are recommended for people to do/not do? I already follow a lot of them! If there’s a positive side to poverty… this is the one: small carbon footprint. I don’t have to feel climate change guilt. Now, if I suddenly were to come into money and have a choice about things like traveling, then I’d have to completely re-think a lot of this.

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Jo’s Weekly Questions – August 1-17, 2022

Image from Pixabay because pretty.

Answer’s to Jo’s weekly questions over at Dreamwidth.

1. Do you make daily to-do lists? If yes, do you usually successfully clear them?

Not usually. Sometimes I do, and then I usually clear them successfully. But I have a feeling that happens because it rare and a novel thing when I do it, and if I was to do it routinely, it wouldn’t work for me.

2. What is your favourite piece of clothing? Do you have a different favourite for each season?

I love my three beach dresses I wear indoors during heat wave/too hot summer days/weeks/months. I also love what I think as my “summer pants” – they’re very loose and thin and made of soft fabric. They capri pants I guess – supposed to come down to just-below-the-knee/mid-shin, but I’m short so they actually almost come down to my ankles. I stay much cooler in them than in any other clothing during the summer and they also protect me from the sun by being longer than shorts.

3. When did you last interview for a job? Did you get it?

In 2007 and yes.

4. Teacher or student?

Does this mean which I want to be? If so, neither. Being one or the other for a bit is okay and even great, but I don’t want to either for a long time – I don’t want to go back to school, for an example. Continue reading Jo’s Weekly Questions – August 1-17, 2022

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The Friday Five for 22 July 2022 – Cleaning

Image from Pixabay.

Answers to this week’s questions at

1) What’s the most cluttered spot in your home?

Probably this one kitchen drawer which holds all my bigger-than-spoons-and-forks utensils. It’s hard to get closed because it’s so full. I’ve been vaguely thinking for a couple of years that I should go through it. But I haven’t because there’s no place to put them anywhere else, and throwing out isn’t an option because I need them. If I threw them out, I’d only end up buying a new one within a few years anyway. So yeah, that drawer needs de-cluttering but until I think of somehow to store the rarely used ones that isn’t too inconvenient to reach, it’ll keep on waiting.

2) What’s your method for de-cluttering?

I don’t have a method, I do it when it’s needed/things get on my nerves. But I don’t really de-clutter these days – I don’t have that much clutter in my opinion. When I was younger, sure, but I got better about it and now make an effort to put everything in their place right away or throw it out instead of keeping it “just in case” but then never actually need it. If something’s out, there’s a reason for it and it gets put away when the reason doesn’t exist anymore.

For the last year or so, I’ve been getting these weird bursts of restless energy after a migraine attack, so now I try to take advantage of that and de-clutter or clean something when it happens. But I have to be careful not to over-do it, or perform an action that irritates my head, because otherwise the migraine might re-start itself. But I like these bursts of energy a lot because they’re pretty much the only time I feel energetic these days. All the other time it’s a fight to do something.

3) What are your favorite cleaning products?

I really lvoe the organic, ecological cleaning soap ( made by Saaren Taika, it’s very effective for all my kitchen needs and most of the other cleaning too. It’s for many uses, so I’m currently using it as well as finishing up the cleaning products I had bought before it. Saaren Taika shampoo has also been a life saver in another way – my scalp started to itch terribly and to get a rash when I used store-bought shampoos, but switching to Saaren Taika’s organic shampoos eliminated the itching almost completely. They’re all expensive but it’s worth the price, and also because with Saaren Taika shampoos I don’t need to buy hydrocortizone scalp solution from the drugstore to put on my scalp to help with the rash so it almost evens out any way. They also almost all the time have sales on, so I’ve rarely had to pay full price on the items I’m interested in. If I had more money I’d love to try more of their many, many products.

For the toilet bowl my favorite is Klorin liquid which is a bleach and disinfectant solution.

4) What helps get you motivated to clean up?

Getting that weird burst of energy I mentioned in #2. When people are coming over. Or when I just get fed up with something in particular and clean it.

5) What’s the most organized spot in your home?

My couch. It’s a two-seater, and the other seat holds my main notebooks (5 of them), a notepad for note taking, headache diary page and a small storage case where I keep the pens and fountain pens currently inked. There’s also a rag for cleaning my eye glasses and a spot for my smartphone.

My desk is also well organized – it might look a little cluttered for someone else, but everything is actually in it’s place.

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Jo’s Weekly Questions – July 17-31, 2022

17. July 17 is “World Emoji Day”. Do you use emojis?

🥰 I love emojies!

18. What is your biggest indulgence?

Fountain pens and fountain pen ink. I love them but I don’t really need them; other cheaper pens could take fountain pens’ place. I just wouldn’t enjoy using them as much, and I get frustrated when they keep drying out too quickly. That’s why I got into fountain pens in the first place.

19. What’s something terrifying that we’ve all come to accept as a fact of life?

Corporations having so much political and economic power. What’s good for a corporation is almost never good for a person/the employee.

20. Are you good at keeping secrets? Is it ever okay to share a secret?

I’m pretty good. If any person’s life and/or sanity is in jeopardy or somebody is being hurt, I think it’s not only okay to share a secret, but you have an obligation to do so.

21. If babies are considered innocent, when do people cease to be innocent?

When adults or adulting ruin them.

22. What would you genetically change about humans to make them a better species?

I’d either give men periods, or remove the necessity of women having them — this immediately came to mind. But I can’t decide which because a not-insignificant part of me wants men to bleed, suffer a lot of pain and discomfort once a month for a week for decades and have it belittled by a lot of doctors and nurses and by society at large. Because I’m petty like that.

23. Have you ever worked retail?

Nope! At least I don’t think so? Library work is customer service, yes, but we don’t try to sell products and it’s my understading that retail involves selling products.

24. A robot wrote this entire article. Another wrote and performed poetry. Should we be scared?

Maybe? If AI achieves self-consciousness, maybe.

25. Omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or something else?

Omnivore but a quite a picky eater.

26. Does anything hurt today?

My head. But only a little, and nothing out of the ordinary so no big deal.

27. Who was the last person to make you angry?

A right-wing politician.

28. When was the last time you properly cleaned out your refrigerator?

I don’t remember exactly when it was… so, much too long! I’ve done spot cleaning when necessary, but full wipe down… About a year ago? I’ve been thinking the last two weeks that I should do it, and de-freeze the freezer too.

29. Is there anything you regularly lie about?

Regularly? No.

30. Do you mostly do specific chores on specific days each week (e.g. groceries on Saturday, laundry on Wednesday, etc.)?

Nope. I do do groceries at regular intervals at the start and end of the week, the day isn’t specific but the interval usually is – it’s usually three days. It’s not so much by plan as that’s when I run out of certain things… I don’t have a car so I’m limited by what I can carry and that means grocery runs usually every three days.

31. Of this month’s questions, which was your favourite?

The emoji one!

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The Friday Five for July 15, 202

1. How tall would you like to be if you had the chance to choose?

I’m 161 centimeters tall and I’d like to be a little taller – around 170cm, I think. All the clothes, cars seats, cabinets etc. are made for people taller than me so I’d really love to be a little taller!

2. How often do you change your sheets?

Probably not often enough. I don’t do it on schedule, more like feeling like changing them that night.

3. When is it time to repurpose an old towel?

The old towels dry me the best (the fabric is completely different than in the newer towels I have) so I keep them pretty much until they fall apart. I don’t repurpose them, I just throw them out. The oldest towels I have are at least around 40 years old and they’re still almost as new because I always use the same several ones until they fall apart before letting myself take another into use. I’ve never bought myself a towel – people apparently loved to give them as gifts in the 1980s. So we had dozens of them, and divided them between myself and my Mom when she moved out with her then-new SO into their new home and I stayed in my childhood home for a few years more in the 1990s. I’ll probably never run out of old, unused towels!

4. Do you need to make a trip to a secondhand store to drop something off?


5. What was the last book you borrowed from the library?

I went to the library on Friday and actually borrowed three books: Hangman by Faye Kellerman; Hiljainen, huomaamaton murha by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis; Pimeä jää by Tuire Malmstedt. They’re all thrillers and murder mysteries.