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2 New Wallpapers + 1 New Texture

V (1983) and it’s sequel V – The Final Battle are out on Bluray! πŸ˜€ V and V – The Final Battle are/were one of three my defining television experiences in my childhood (the other two being Star Trek and Miami Vice) and I still love everything about them to bits. I’m so happy they’re out on Bluray, and of course I had to do some caps and wallpapers πŸ˜€ These two feature Jane Badler as Diana, one of my favorite characters ever. Jane Badler was phenomenal as Diana, I always thought.

Also made a new a texture, this size should be suitable for printing on A4 but I ran out of ink so haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

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Ardeth Bay Wallpaper

Missed doing something with Oded Fehr, and because there can never enough Mummy wallpapers around and because Ardeth is still my favorite character of all the characters he’s played… here’s a new Ardeth Bay wallpaper!

I’ve been thinking I want to do a Frank Donovan one too, never did as many of those as I intended. There were so many gorgeous Donovan photos!