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New FocusWriter Themes

Made three new themes for FocusWriter; previews below. Two for House of the Dragon (based on my wallpapers) and one stock.

House Of The Dragon Wallpapers

Love these promotional photos of House of the Dragon, so made a bunch of wallpapers!

Random TV Thoughts – The Last Kingdom + Wallpapers

Recently I’ve been watching The Last Kingdom. Here’s two wallpapers and some random thoughts about the show! Started watching The Last Kingdom a couple of weeks ago! I vaguely remember watching the first episode when it aired, but apparently I totally forgot the series existed after that because all the other episodes have been new. […]

Tar-Miriel Wallpaper

Made a wallpaper of Tar-Miriel from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

House Of The Dragon Wallpaper

Made a Rhaenyra wallpaper