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The Current fanfiction.net Problem

January 5, 2016   ff.net

So since from about December 29-31, 2015 (the dates people give as start date vary a bit) new reviews don’t show up on the review pages on http://www.fanfiction.net At this point it’s unclear whether the  ff.net admin are aware of the problem or not – it’s been reported lots of times but nobody’s gotten a […]

Fanfiction.net Is Actually Alive!

July 10, 2012   ff.net

Hell has frozen over – the management of fanfiction.net is actually alive! They have setup a blog and twitter and are actually answering and fixing some things users have reported broken! http://blog.fictionpress.com It never occurred to me they’d ever do that! It’s been 10 years of silence. And no – I don’t count the notices on […]