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Xena Site About To Shutdown domain will expire sometime on Friday – that’s day after tomorrow! Can’t believe it. I’m both feeling a kind of terror, as well as terribly excited! Terror because I’ve had the site for something like 16 years, I think, in one form of another. I love the series as much as ever, and still follow Lucy Lawless’s career so whenever I see her in something new, I get the urge to watch some Xena again, and when I do that I want the site to exist. The cons just started to outweigh the pros.

I wonder if there’ll ever be a Xena release in HD, on Bluray.  I will cap it from Bluray if there ever is one. I very much wish there will be!

Tricia Helfer In Van Helsing 4.07 Metamorphosis
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Tricia Helfer In Van Helsing 4.07 Metamorphosis

Loved seen Tricia Helfer in Van Helsing and couldn’t resist capping her from her first appearance in 4.07 Metamorphosis.

Tricia Helfer Screencaps – Van Helsing 4.07 Metamorphosis

411 screencaps of Tricia Helfer from Van Helsing episode 4.11 Metamorphosis.

Download format: zip

Size: 51.9 MB


Lucy Lawless Screencaps – My Life Is Murder 1×02 The Locked Room
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Lucy Lawless Screencaps – My Life Is Murder 1×02 The Locked Room

Couldn’t resist capping this 🙂 It’s so good to see lucy in TV again, and I like how light My Life Is Murder is.

231 screencaps from My Life Is Murder episode 1.02 The Locked Room behind the cut 😀

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Lately, fans on my Oded Fehr forum have been talking much about how Oded Fehr should have a Twitter account or a Facebook and keep in some contact with his fans. That they “don’t get it” why he doesn’t have either and doesn’t keep in contact with his fans. It’s starting to annoy me and this is my take on the subject which I posted there:

I do get it. There are people who really aren’t interested in social media and that’s okay. You don’t have to be shy or have any particular reason why not be there. It’s okay to just not be interested. I think we/fans/audience are more than a little spoiled these days. Millions of “normal people” and as well as a lot celebrities are on social media for whatever reasons, interacting with their fans etc. – because they truly enjoy it or because it’s good PR – and I think because of it, people are starting to think and want everyoneshould be there and that we/fans/audience should have access to everyone whose famous. People who don’t want it or see no point, are thought as weird. (Yes, I’ve been called weird for not being interested in it and not wanting to be on social media just because “everyone else” is).

The only reason I got on Facebook was the Oded group, and it’s still the only thing I’m interested in there (and it’s also why I didn’t use my real name making an account there – I don’t want Facebook to have any real life information on me). I don’t want Oded to get on Twitter or Facebook if it’s only because his fans or publicist say he should. I’d feel bad about forcing him to post on them, if he himself really isn’t interested. Jeri Ryan, my favorite actress is both on Twitter and Google+ and it’s wonderful but only because she herself wants it, and is active and talks with fans every day. I did have a Twitter account long before she made one, but it wasn’t until she got one that I started to login to Twitter regularly – I still do it only once or twice a week.

What I would love, is to have a reliable and steady source information on his career – what’s he’s doing, what tv series or movie or voice work is he going be doing and when it’s going to air. Doesn’t matter if its himself, or his publicist, a twitter or facebook or website maintained by him or his presentation or whatever. The last several years, seems like it’s we always found out because some other celebrity said he’s gonna be in it, or in some side paragraph in one of those far and apart interviews of his (which aren’t publicised either) or a random google search. I want Oded to do what he’s comfortable with, and if that’s means he’s not going to be on Twitter or Facebook or much PR, that’s OK by me. It’s makes me a little sad, but it’s OK.

Anyway, end of the rant.