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Oded Fehr Fanfic Archives Are Now On AO3

September 23, 2022   Celebrities, Fansite news, Information, Oded Fehr

The import of Oded Fehr fanfic archives Weaver Of Dreams and Land Of Dreams to AO3 via the Open Doors project is now complete, and the old URLs (https://oded-fehr.so-obsessed.com) redirect to the AO3 Collection: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/weaverofdreams/ I’ll continue as the Weaver Of Dreams admin, and the Collection is open for new works and updates to existing […]

Celebs & Idols Dying – Jussi Hakulinen, Yö, Joutsenlaulu

August 10, 2022   Blog, Celebrities, Music, Personal

In the last year, especially for the last several months, it feels like not a week goes by that I read a childhood/teenage hero of mine has died! Many of them not even that old! Most recently Nichelle Nichols, Olivia Newton-John, David Warner and yesterday I learned that Jussi Hakulinen also has died. He was […]

Zahn McClarnon Wallpapers

Can’t believe it’s been four months since my last wallpaper! Made two new ones today, featuring Zahn McClarnon in Longmire and Barkskins.

Xena Warrior Princess Wallpaper

It’s been years since I did anything with Xena, but I’ve been wanting to do something with these two favorite photos of mine as the main attraction for ages (I used them for a background for Gabrielle back in 2005). So here’s a new wallpaper 😀 

Jeri Ryan – 7of9 Wallpapers

Made three new Jeri Ryan/7of9 wallpapers