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May 1, 2024

Xena: Warrior Princess HD Screencaps (AI Regraded Upconvert)

So like I posted a while back, I found a great quality version of Xena: Warrior Princess and just can’t resist making some caps! These are from an AI regraded, upconverted DVD->HD source. Without a true HD conversion made from the original film, I think this version is the best Xena is ever going to look, and it does look great! Much better than any of the DVDs I own.

The caps are aprox. 1440×1080 and I’ve uploaded one or two eps from each season. Samples below, and after them a poll about whether I should upload more of these because I’m not sure whether there’s enough quality Xena screencaps still around. 


Do you want me to upload more Xena screencaps like these?

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