Weird September
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Weird September

This September has been so weird! Normally the average temperature in September is around 10-12 degrees Celcius, but this year the temperature has been closer to 20 than 10. Days have been around 18-19 degrees, with nights going down to maybe about 14 from what I’ve observed. It certainly isn’t normal to be having 18 degree days when October is only a two days away. Usually I don’t have to have my fan running a lot in September anymore, but I’ve been running it every day at least for a while because it’s too warm inside and keeping windows open.

But somehow it hasn’t been warm like 18 degrees should be – instead it’s been kind of chilly/sticky/maybe sunny and if you put a thin long sleeved shirt on, it’s too much but if you’re in normal short sleeved t-shirt, you’re kind of almost cold. It’s like you can’t get comfortable no matter how you dress right now 🤨

Or maybe it’s just my body that is is out of whack… most other people are wearing normal autumn clothes (wind proof jackets and trousers, closed shoes) and I’m in my summer outfits because I get hot if I wear even thinnest long sleeves, but kind of cold but not really if I’m not wearing it 🤪 And the past little more than a week, every morning around 9-10 I notice I’m hot and sweating indoors when all sense says I shouldn’t be and there nothing causing it as far as I can tell. So is the weather weird or am I when I feel the weather’s being all muggy and sweaty and weird for being September? My Mom did say the other day after having been out for a stroll that she thought too the weather was weird that day. Honestly though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s my body being weird considering all the chronic illnesses and deficiencies it has and the amount and number of medications needed to keep it functional!

Not to mention, I’m the age that statistically I might/should be in  perimenopause now or start it any moment now. I can’t tell whether I am or not – I don’t have any of the typical symptoms I’ve read about except the hot flashes thing but I’ve been getting easily over heated since I was a kid and nothing’s been so out of the ordinary that I could say for sure I’m in perimenopause. No to mention that my chronic illnesses themselves and their medications can affect the body’s ability to control temperature as well somewhat, according to my doctors. And I’ve also read that there are also women who don’t get the symptoms or hot flashes and only realize they’re in menopause when their periods stop, and that you can’t know whether or not you’ll get mild symptoms, horrible symptoms or no symptoms at all until they happen or not. Anyway, menopause is on my mind somewhat the last few years because I’m so ready to be done with periods!

Anyway, September has been weirding me out and that’s never happened before!

Jo’s Daily Questions – September 2023
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Jo’s Daily Questions – September 2023

Answers to Jo’s Daily Questions for September!

1 – World Letter Writing Day: Do you still write actual letters to anyone (email doesn’t count!)? Did you have penpals when you were young(er)? Do you miss receiving actual letters in the mail (or any mail other than junk/flyers)?

No. No. Except for the two years I was doing library studies away from home town and when my Mom would write me letters sometimes (but we usually called), I’ve never gotten anything but bills via mail. So no, I don’t miss it.

2 – Bring Your Manners to Work Day: Bring Your Manners To Work Day was created by The Protocol School of Washington to remind people of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the workplace. How important is it to you to have fulfilling relationships both with colleagues and customers/clients? Have the challenges posed by COVID changed how you view the concepts of courtesy and respect in the workplace?

Can’t really answer this. I haven’t worked for the last 15 years due to being ill, and before that I only had short temp jobs where none of that mattered in a deeper way. It was always important to me to be professional and helpful as much as I could both with co-workers and the library customers, but I wouldn’t call them fulfilling relationships? The jobs were too short for for the most part.

3 – World Beard Day: Beards — yay or nay?

Most nay. But yay for Rory McCann’s Sandor Clegane and mirror!Spock. Continue reading Jo’s Daily Questions – September 2023

The Friday Five for 22 September 2023
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The Friday Five for 22 September 2023

My answers to today’s question at thefridayfive@Dreamwidth

1. What’s your favourite musical?

I haven’t seen a musical since Moulin Rouge came out, but my favorite used to be Silk Stockings and Singing in the Rain. I also LOVE the song Roxanne from Moulin Rouge the movie. But as a whole, I think it’d have to be either Silk Stockings or Singing in the Rain.

2. Would you rather star in: a musical or movie?

Movie. I can’t dance and my singing sounds like a cat being tortured to death.

3. Which actor do you think deserves to be in a musical rather than a movie?

Donno, don’t care.

4. Which is bigger in your opinion, the Oscars or the Tony Awards?

Oscars just because I don’t what the Tony Awards are. I assume for musicals considering the topic but don’t know.

5. Should old musicals be shown in cinemas for those who didn’t have the chance to catch it?

I’d LOVE it 😀 And I mean the musicals made in the 1940s and 1950s, none of this newer crap.

Friday 5 for September 15: Happy hour
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Friday 5 for September 15: Happy hour

My answers to this week’s question at

1. During which specific hour of the day are you likeliest to be happy?

Now that I’m just home due to being chronically ill, there is no particular hour because it can be just whenever. But back when I was working or in school, it was always around 8/9pm. Because the day’s demands were completely finished or at least done for that day and I could just relax and think whatever.

2. Which food-beverage pairings do you feel strongest about?

I really love a ice cold milk and a just-right-fresh-not-at-all-brown banana. It’s a tasty combo!

3. Do you enjoy (or have you enjoyed) socializing with coworkers?


4. When did you last try something different (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to drink?

Maybe three summers ago I made a sustained effort to learn to like coffee. I tried for three months because it’s sort of un-Finnish not to like coffee but I kept disliking it as much as ever I did! Three months because I read somewhere that’s how long it takes to get used to a new food. Yeah, never happened with me and coffee. I like the Paulig Frezza cold coffee drinks which have like 5% of coffee in it and the rest is milk and various flavors, but real coffee? It’s a big fat NOPE.

5. What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of doing whatever you do during the day?

Reading! It’s always been reading. I have to read for minimum of 10 minutes before lights out or I feel out of sorts and really weird. I usually read for longer than that (for hours often!), but 10 minutes is the minimum to put me in the right head space for rest and relaxation.

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Random TV Thoughts – Star Trek: SNW – Season 2, Dark Winds – Season 2

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – Season 2

  • I enjoyed the season, and would have loved there to be more than 10 episodes. The season felt very short again!
  • This season felt less a cohesive whole than season 1 did. I think it’s because so much of season 1 focused on the Gorn directly, or via La’an’s trauma.
  • They still really didn’t do anything with Ortegas :/ We already knew she flies the ship!
  • I’m starting to get bored with the comedy episodes involving Spock’s Vulcan relations. I want to see a serious T’Pring.
  • I’d totally watch a tv series about T’Pring and other Vulcans and Federation doing their own jobs. I don’t need every show to be about Starfleet.
  • I don’t much like that all of Spock’s episodes so far have focused on his romantic relationships and troubles 😞
  • T’Pring says “we should take time apart to think what we each of us actually want”, and Spock hears “let’s fuck other people and enter serious romantic commitments with them”?!
  • Chapel is interesting. She’s commitment phobic but is this just her nature or brought on by her war PTSD? I do love her ambition!
  • I heard a theory that M’Benga is actually TOS!M’Benga’s brother because his age, military background and history as shown in SNW do not fit with TOS!M’Benga. That he’ll die, likely sacrificing himself for the crew at some point, at which point it’s revelead his brother is actually the M’Benga whom we know from TOS. I think I like this theory.
  • the Lower Decks crossover episode was actually good! I don’t care for Lower Decks. Watched season 1 and and the first couple of episodes of season 2 and didn’t like Mariner at all (spent most of the time going “how on earth did this person get in/managed to stay in Starfleet acting like this/with an attitude like that?!) and Boimler was boring and all the others just might not be there considering how little attention they got. But Mariner was good as live action, Boimler actually felt like a real person and it was fun watching the episode.
  • The musical episode was fun too! My favorite songs were the first one (I think it’s called Status Report) and Chapel’s and Spock’s songs. I liked Chapel’s song the most because it was the only one with actual choreography and lot of people dancing.
  • This season reminded me very much of Xena Warrior Princess. Comedy, drama, tragedy, alternate universe, musical episode… you never knew what you’re going to get next week, just like Xena!
  • I do wish season three shows the crew solving more scientific and medical dilemmas and mysteries, and not so much focus on the romance problems.
  • I think La’an and Uhura have my favorite story lines. I enjoy what the writers are doing with them the most!
  • Can’t wait for season 3!

Dark Winds – Season 2

  • So good to see Jeri Ryan in a new role 😀 She didn’t enough screen time for me though!
  • Zahn McClarnon was awesome again – I’m starting to he can’t be anything but whatever role he’s playing.
  • Weird seeing so much much snow on the ground in New Mexico (I think?) desert a lot of the show is situated at. I don’t associate that area with snow at all! Looks like I’ve forgotten some of my school geography.
  • The show is marketed as a Leaphorn & Chee story, but Bernadette is just as prominent and important as either of the two men in both seasons and is the third main character in reality.
  • Bernadette has become my favorite character over the two seasons
  • I’d totally watch a Bernadette spin-off showing her time in the border patrol! Jessica Matten is great as Bernadette, I’d love to see more of the character. I hope she’ll be in Dark Winds season 3 if there is one.