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Game Of Thrones Gallery

I’m stunned and delighted by how many views my Game Of Thrones gallery has gotten so far! Over half a million views in only 6,5 months! I’ve owned sites that never reached even close that, even in  a decade! I thought the miserable season 8 had killed the fandom and people’s interest in the show and along with it the desire for screencaps and almost didn’t bother to put them up, but seems like I was very wrong and I couldn’t be more happy knowing that my screencaps fill a need ๐Ÿ˜€ 

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The Friday Five for 11 June 2021

Picture from Pixabay

Answers to today’s The Friday Five @ Dreamwidth.

1) What is the best book you’ve read?

I can’t name just one… ’cause there isn’t just one. It depends on my mood and what I’m into currently, and what genre we’re talking about. I have many favorites, but not “the best” and even faves are likely change depending on what genre I’ve been reading recently.

2) What is the worst book you’ve read?

This one particular Harlequin romance… I can’t remember its name or the author, but it’s the only book I’ve ever put in the trash after I read it. The heroine was so stupid that I ended up wondering how the hero managed to fall in love with her, instead of strangling her for her incredible stupidity, or at least leaving in disgust. It’s been been at least ten years since I read it, propably closer to 15, and I’ve since regretted that I threw it away – it was so bad, I should have enshrined it instead!

3) What is a favourite book from childhood?

I don’t know it’s the favorite but certainly one of them… Watchers by Dean R. Koontz. It was the first Koontz book I ever read. My Dad read it first (he was already sick at this point, so he’d started reading to pass the time – before he didn’t read that much), he liked it so much he said I should read it too (I’ve always loved reading and read a lot even as a kid), and then I loved it so much I told Mom she should read it as well. That memory is what makes that book special to me. We read a lot of Koontz’s books after that, and I still do even though new ones aren’t as good as the old ones.

Another favorite, for the story, is A Princess Of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I love the whole Barsoom series but this one is my favorite one of all of them. Another favorite series is The Famous Five by Enid Blyton, but I haven’t re-read those since I was a teenager and I can’t remember if I had a particular favorite.

4) What is a favourite book from adulthood?

Oh so many! Lightning by Dean R. Koontz is one I’m very fond of. Time travel, alternate timelines and dramatic mysteries, oh my!

Mostly my faves tend to be book series though, for some reason! I really appreciate the Palme Trilogy by Leif G.W. Persson – I keep seeing something new everytime I read it and the humor still makes me giggle even after rereading them like 3 times – and the original Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. A more recent favorite is The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey.

I also love the Marianne book series by Juliette Benzoni. It’s my favorite historical romance series.

5) What is a book you’ve read a number of times?

I reread a lot! Chances are, if I really like it, I’ll reread it! As an example, I reread the Barsoom series about every five years, and when I was a kid/teenager I reread them every year. I’ve read the early Dean R. Koontz novels (Watchers, Whispers, Lightning, Phantoms… ) something like 10 times (and even many of the later ones a few times), and love them as much as ever every time. Currently I’m looking forward to rereading The Expanse series – but I want to read the last book first, which should come out later this year if I remember correctly.

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The friday 5: May 28 2021

Beagle because we had a beagle and she’s been on my mind a lot lately. I love beagles! Pic from Pixabay.

I’m bored so have answers to last week’s The Friday Five questions!

1) What are you doing this spring that you weren’t doing 1 year ago?

Umm… nothing? I think. Well, I think I’m not as worried about COVID-19, or rather the worry has changed shape into trying to accept that it’s going to be with us at least for at least the foreseeable future, kind of like having flu vaccines every year.

2) What pandemic precautions are you still taking?

Out and about, and with strangers: all of them so washing hands, social distancing, wearing face masks, no parties visits.

With family/friends: if we’re both *completely* vaccinated and I trust them not the be careless out and about, and they have to be spend time with people they don’t know about (customer service jobs , schools etc.), we visit each other indoors but try to keep some sort of distance so no hugging or touching, no more than 2-3 persons visiting at the same time. And we still wash hands entering/leaving homes. Otherwise if the other person isn’t completely vaccinated yet or sees people who aren’t/can’t be sure about, we see each other outside with masks on and taking the usual precautions.

3) What’s a safety rule that’s very important to you?

Washing/disinfecting hands! I’ve noticed that since the masks because practically required in busses and shops and so people started wearing them routinely, they also stopped washing/disinfecting their hands ๐Ÿ™

4) What plants are blooming where you live?

No idea! I only know that they are pretty but when asked to name them, I can’t think of any/remember names. I’m not a plant person. I just notice “Ooh! That’s nice and green and lush! Oh that’s a pretty flower!”

5) What was your most memorable summer job?

I’ve only had one summer job that wasn’t my occupation which is a librarian. It was in 1993 and it was inspecting buying invoices in a grocery store chain HQ. That meant inspecting that the chain stores hadn’t ordered anything they weren’t allowed to, and if they had reading them the riot act if they had. No matter what the reason was – usually because the usual allowed product had been unavailable, and they had had to order something outside the allowed list to replace it because customers needed to be able to buy them anyway. I guess I remember it so well because it’s so different from what I did as a librarian in the years after.

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New Dishwasher + Health Update

Image from Pixabay

New Dishwasher

I’m getting a new dishwasher!!! My 23 year old dishwasher finally gave up the ghost yesterday! We bought a new one today, and it’ll be delivered tomorrow :mrgreen:  I can’t wait!! My old one has been a faithful one but I’ve wanted to buy a new model for the last 8 years or so because they have cool new features the old one didn’t, but couldn’t justify the cost when the old one was still working normally. (I come from a family that doesn’t buy new costly things until they break.) Had to replace my washing machine last July which was 30+ years old in last July, and still crazy in love with my now no longer new washing machine ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel silly being so excited about a new household appliance but there you are!

We decided that instead of waiting for the fridge to break, we’ll aim to replace later on this summer. It’s also 23 years old, makes too loud noises sometimes… probably normal for an old fridge, but they sound too loud to me because I’m sensitive to sounds due to my migraine. It’s the one I’ve wanted to replace for more than a decade now but money’s always the issue and haven’t been able to do it because it still works. But hopefully now this time we can stick to the plan!

Health update

Continued to sort of have an migraine attack yesterday, and still today though less so. It’s been a long run this time, going on five days ๐Ÿ˜ก I’d like to be able to point to a particular thing and say “this is the reason” but I can’t. There’s been nothing out of ordinary going on, not really. I did have some stress from mid-May onwards due to having to prepare and leave in formal applications for KELA to handle and all that stress resolved on last week’s Monday. So too early to count for this longer than my normal run of bad migraine attack days.

KELA made a negative decision on my disability retirement application yesterday. Which, expected. Still, disappointed. And a little suspicious – the stated time it’ll take to make a decision is up to three months. And that’s how long they took in 2018 with my last disability retirement application. But this time they handled it in a week and a bit! Doesn’t seem enough time to me to do their due diligence. KEVA hasn’t made their decision yet. I wonder what happens if they say yes? Apparently it’s rare, but it’s happened. The retirement pay KEVA would pay me isn’t anywhere near enough to live on, so it’d be complicated and probably more of a bureautic headache than a save!

And I can never spell propaply probably, no matter how many times I mistype it!


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Mare Of Easttown and its music

I couldn’t sleep last night, and am getting kind of loopy with lack of sleep now.  I’ve been watching Mare Of Easttown today and I’m on episode three right now. I don’t know if it’s the loopiness or what but I suspect everyone of being the murder whenever they’re on screen – especially all of the men! But also Mare herself and her new cop partner, and Mare’s mother! The only one I don’t actively suspect is Mare’s grandson the little 4 year old boy ๐Ÿ˜† I really don’t know if it’s me or whether all the characters are really played so suspect. Also, for some reason I thought it’s an English series taking place in England? But apparently it’s actually American and takes place in the US. I was also pleasantly surprised when Erin’s father showed up on the police station to confess to murdering her boyfriend. I was he and his cousins would try to hide it!

I also like a lot of the music so far, especially this one from the beginning of episode three: