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Friday 5 for January 6: In with the old

Answers to today’s questions over at 🙂 

1. How did you celebrate your most recent birthday?

By having my Mom and her SO over for a visit on that day. And then I baked a chocolate cake later that week even if it was techinically after my birthday, because I was feeling good enough to do it then. I considered it my birthday present for myself.

2. What was the subject of a list you recently composed?

Uh, I can’t remember… most likely a grocery shopping list, or a shopping list for the pharmacy. Or a list of things I want to mention or talk about with my best friend and/or Mom the next time we talk on the phone. I can’t remember which of these is the most recent because I do them all the time because my memory isn’t what it used to be!

3. What did you most recently use vinegar in?

I’ve never used vinegar in anything. I did ask my Mom to give me about 4 table spoons from her bottle a few years ago, because I wanted to bake a chocoloty… something (can’t remember what! Other than it was chocolate). But I never did because by the time I saw my Mom, I was feeling worse again and didn’t feel like trying any new baking. I asked Mom because it’s sold in 0,5 litre or 1 litre bottles only and I’ve never needed it before in 20 years so no point in buying a big bottle when I’d only need like 2 table spoons of the stuff at once.

4. What can sometimes get you out of a bad mood?

My favorite music. Or a favorite comedy such The Golden Girls, The Fawlty Towers or ‘Allo ‘Allo!

5. How do you feel about shrimp?

As long as its far away from me in the sea, it’s all cool.

As a potential food, it’s suspect and I won’t put it in my mouth.

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