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The Friday Five for 24 February 2023: “You’ve Got Mail!” Edition

Today’s questions at thefridayfive@DW

1. What’s the last thing you got in the mail?

The letter on Monday from the hospital detailing the time for the iron infusion next week, and the approximate date I need to go get routine Crohn’s Disease blood work done in May.

I don’t get much mail anymore – most bills and official letters come via electronic mail or electronic bills. I rarely subscribe to magazines because I usually can’t afford it/rather use the money for something else. I used to often subscribe/get a gift subscription to a certain computer magazine but its contents were “redesigned” and “renewed” right into stuff that didn’t interest me (game reviews, camera usage tutorials etc.). So once that magazine was unexisting as far as I’m concerned, I usually only get bills and official letters and occupational and union magazines and most of those have gone mostly or all online now.

In addition, I have a “no ads and no free distribution leaflets/magazines” label on my mailbox to stop junk mail. So I can go an entire week with only “wow! such-empty” for my mailbox 😀

2. What’s the last thing you sent in the mail?

I can’t remember! I used to have to send unemployment and social benefits application forms monthly but that was more than a decade ago; now I almost never have to send anything in the mail anymore – everything’s done online. The last time I sent anything in the mail was probably five years or more ago.

3. How many unread emails are in your inbox right now?

I have four e-mails in active use. My real name e-mail which I use for all real life official things (online orders, library, bank, social benefits etc.) currently has 4 unread e-mails. My fandom one has technically 1 unread e-mail but it’s one I sent myself from the mobile Tumblr app – a link to a Tumblr post with links to Sansan fanfics so I can check them out on my laptop – so, in reality there’s 0 unread e-mails on that account. And my webmaster e-mail and Oded Fehr fanfic archive e-mail both have 0 undread.

I usually clear my inboxes as the e-mails come in, or within a an hour or two. Except when I’m sleeping, and even after that, it’s usually quick work.

4. What is your most recent text message about?

The library sent an automated text that one of the books I had put on hold is ready to be picked up.

5. Do you have a favorite postage stamp design?

Nope. I don’t even know what the current ones are. I don’t buy stamps anymore because I never need them. On the extremely rare occasion I do, the letter or package is always too heavy for regular stamps so that I have to go to the post office to get the correct weight and postage amount needed and they print the postage stamp so it’s been a boring computer printout for ages now for me.

I have seen some Star Trek stamps around, and I like those, but I’m not sure whether they are/were real or just fannish mockups.

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