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May 28, 2024

Heat Wave!

Well, we’re into the 12th day of this year’s first heat wave and have broken one earlier May record, and could break another too – exciting times! Not. Didn’t really notice the first 8-9 days or so, helped by the fact that I was at the AKSE course at the hotel/spa for the first week of the hot weather and the room we usually used there was very well air conditioned indeed. So I only felt it during commuting back and forth every day and mornings were still more on the chilly side then. But NOW I’m feeling it…

I’m done with heat now, weather gods, please – bye bye hot weather, be gone now! 🙏

(forecast says heat wave will continue until at least Saturday, possibly longer)

(summer has officially begun now that I’ve complained about too hot weather for the first time in 2024!)

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