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TV Thoughts – Sanctuary 3×13 One Night

I never ever though I would say this about Sanctuary:

God this episode, 3.13 One Night, was stupid – some of the worst I’ve ever seen on any kind of screen, big or small 🙁

(Spoilers behind the cut!)

Will and the FBi Girl and the Bad Guys… I get that the Lady Boss Bad Guy really, really didn’t want to save the poisoned dude, but did the writers have to make everyone in that warehouse act like total idiots?! They happily let Will and the FBI Girl practically snuggle together half the time, and hatch their escape plans, without showing any interest in what they were talking about – and considering the two did their talking like two meters away from  the Bad Guys, do you want me to believe they didn’t HEAR at least some of it and get suspicious?! They usually get suspicious even when the Heros aren’t even plotting their downfall. And in the meanwhile, their supposedly much beloved leader lies on the damn table, convulsing for like five minutes and NOBODY presses Will to stop bantering with the FBI Girl and to help their poisoned, convulsing, DYING-RIGHT-NOW-AS-I-AM-LOOKING-AT-HIM leader?????!! Yeah, real believable.

I mean, that’s the Bad Guys – Hostage Taking 101, right? It’s like they read the hand-book, and then purposely did everything exactly in opposite of its rules.

Also, what was the point of the FBI girl escaping from the her Bad Guy in the black market… and to go straight back to their kidnappers?? Please, someone explain this to me. I kept hoping against hope that it’d be revealed she called Sanctuary and told them where and why and who and come get us but no. The damn spider or whatits didn’t even kill or otherwise put her Bad Guy out of the picture for more than a few minutes, so, really… what was the point of this escapade???????????????????????????????????????????

Ugh. I’m embarrassed for the show.

The Bigfoot etc. side of things was normal Sanctuary, but the Will & FBI Girl and The Bad Guys side of it was so totally idiotic it almost makes me sour on the whole series. Feels like the everyone involved in creating that storyline took a leave of their intellect while writing it. I never thought that the makers of Sanctuary could produce a turd like this one 🙁 I trusted them until now, but not sure I can from now on and I hate that because it means I can’t automatically trust any new new episodes to be good anymore and that in turn means I have to approach every new outing with caution so that I won’t be too sad/disappointed/pissed off if (when) they make another stupid thing like here. There’s few shows enough on tv I can trust to be intelligent from start to finish; Sanctuary used to be of those but episode One Night drops it from that list and that’s sad.

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