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Piwigo – Alternative To Coppermine?

Has anyone used Piwigo instead of Coppermine for a gallery? I’ve been playing with it today, and really like it. The download is less than 4MB instead of 17 like with Coppermine, and there’s a plugin to upgrade it automatically that if it works as well as the other plugins, will be sweet. And the plugin install is a lot easier than in Coppermine. They also have some nice themes on offer, although not maybe in what’s thought of as “fansite style”. I haven’t looked at making themes yet so that might be a problem but so far it’s the only minus I can think of. 

Here is my test Piwigo: 

I’m very tempted to switch to Piwigo on at least some of my sites to see how I like it in real use because there’s also one other thing that makes this software look very attractive to me personally: a plugin for WordPress called PiwigoMedia that works (unlike every Coppermine plugin for WordPress I have found) and doesn’t produce shortcodes but real image URLs instead.

But before I do any decisions, I’m curious about others Piwigo experiences.

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  1. Nope never heard of it, but the test gallery looks fine… I personally don’t like the hover thing, when you pass over a picture.

    I saw there’s a lot of themes, too.. If they are easier to customize, I will maybe move to piwigo, the question is, will it be ok with a gallery with over 100.000 pictures?


    1. The hover thing is a plugin, it doesn’t install automatically with the default download. Not crazy about it either. Ah, I have no idea whether it’ll be good with 100,000 pics! Haven’t seen it on any big site – it’s always Coppermine! I’m thinking about test running it on one of my screencap sites, but really not sure whether to bother with all the work involved in converting to Piwigo. I’m so used to Coppermine, and what if I find I don’t like it in the long run? Then I’d have to come back to Coppermine again! Argh.

  2. Hi,

    I’m Piwigo founder.

    100,000 pictures is not a problem for Piwigo. We have several users reporting sharing more than 400,000 photos and even one with more than 1,000,000 photos.

    We have recently opened a Piwigo Showcase on where you will find nearly 200 examples of live galleries made with Piwigo. We had 3 galleries every day (many are waiting for validation)


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