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June 6, 2012   No Comment   Fansite news

Stargate-caps.net has been hacked, along with 20+ sites on that same server. This is the reason why according to Gertie:

I found the problem to be one site that sent a virus to old versions of WordPress. All updated versions of WP are safe.

I want to strangle the person or persons who hadn’t updated their WordPress. There’s been a gazillion hacks already, all because of the same reason and IT IS IN THE BLOODY RULES TO KEEP YOUR SCRIPTS UPDATED if you want to be hosted by fan-sites.org. Just one bloody person can ruin 20+ websites and make all this totally unnecesssary work for Gertie because they’re lazy and can’t be bothered with updating one meesly little script :/

Gertie’s doing mass restores, so stargate-caps.net will back in a few hours.

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