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Jan 15, 2014

Back From The 4th Colonoscopy

Got home a couple of hours ago.

The colonoscopy procedure itself went fine, a few bad spots on the way in but I got pain medication when I needed it so nothing too terrible. The doctor who performed the colonoscopy (proctologist?) says visually everything’s looking good and indeed I could see it myself too – just like last time I could see the red parts as well. She naturally took biopsies so I’ll hear the final results two weeks from now and what’s the next step.

Doing the cleansing in two parts isn’t working for me, however – the next time I’m sticking to the “cleansing in one evening/day” schedule I used three times before. In one way, this two part one was much easier – it wasn’t as violent as the “all in one day” schedule, allowing me to rest a lot between during during cleansing – which I can’t do at all with the “all in one day” schedule until the cleansing is over because once it starts, I can’t get out of bathroom. With this two part schedule, that wasn’t really a problem – it was a lot slower. BUT. A big BUT.

I started drinking the first MoviPrep litre 1 at 5pm and it hadn’t finished coming through by around 12am – I realized apparently it would take at least 8 hours for it to make its way through like always, no mather whether it’s 1 or 2 litres. At which point I calculated I must start to drink the second litre ASAP (not at 5am like the instructions I had been given said) if I wanted to be able to make the trip to the hospital in a more dry state than not. So after cooling the second litre in the fridgerator for an hour, I finished drinking it by 2am. Most of it all had finished coming through me by about 6am and I was able to spend some time in bed or on couch, but had to go to the toilet to unload the cleansing liquid about every 15-30 minutes which gradually grew into an hours AND is still continuing as I write this, at a low dripple. So, cleansing liquid isn’t still finished coming through me 23 hours later it started :/ I don’t understand why. It’s an occasional, low dripple, hardly there – just enough to be noticeable and annoying.

This two parts thing was a lot easier in every way except one – a rather important one. I doubt I’ll be using this two part schedule ever again, no matter what instructions I get.

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