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Welcome to So Obsessed! This is my home on the net, where I post some personal stuff, fanart, memes and news regarding my screencaps and fansites. I have lots of wallpapers and icons here, as well as FocusWriter themes and more! Have a look around and I hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon!

Jun 11, 2020

2 New Wallpapers + 1 New Texture

V (1983) and it’s sequel V – The Final Battle are out on Bluray! 😀 V and V – The Final Battle are/were one of three my defining television experiences in my childhood (the other two being Star Trek and Miami Vice) and I still love everything about them to bits. I’m so happy they’re out on Bluray, and of course I had to do some caps and wallpapers 😀 These two feature Jane Badler as Diana, one of my favorite characters ever. Jane Badler was phenomenal as Diana, I always thought.

Also made a new a texture, this size should be suitable for printing on A4 but I ran out of ink so haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

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