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New Dishwasher + Health Update

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New Dishwasher

I’m getting a new dishwasher!!! My 23 year old dishwasher finally gave up the ghost yesterday! We bought a new one today, and it’ll be delivered tomorrow :mrgreen:  I can’t wait!! My old one has been a faithful one but I’ve wanted to buy a new model for the last 8 years or so because they have cool new features the old one didn’t, but couldn’t justify the cost when the old one was still working normally. (I come from a family that doesn’t buy new costly things until they break.) Had to replace my washing machine last July which was 30+ years old in last July, and still crazy in love with my now no longer new washing machine 😀 I feel silly being so excited about a new household appliance but there you are!

We decided that instead of waiting for the fridge to break, we’ll aim to replace later on this summer. It’s also 23 years old, makes too loud noises sometimes… probably normal for an old fridge, but they sound too loud to me because I’m sensitive to sounds due to my migraine. It’s the one I’ve wanted to replace for more than a decade now but money’s always the issue and haven’t been able to do it because it still works. But hopefully now this time we can stick to the plan!

Health update

Continued to sort of have an migraine attack yesterday, and still today though less so. It’s been a long run this time, going on five days 😡 I’d like to be able to point to a particular thing and say “this is the reason” but I can’t. There’s been nothing out of ordinary going on, not really. I did have some stress from mid-May onwards due to having to prepare and leave in formal applications for KELA to handle and all that stress resolved on last week’s Monday. So too early to count for this longer than my normal run of bad migraine attack days.

KELA made a negative decision on my disability retirement application yesterday. Which, expected. Still, disappointed. And a little suspicious – the stated time it’ll take to make a decision is up to three months. And that’s how long they took in 2018 with my last disability retirement application. But this time they handled it in a week and a bit! Doesn’t seem enough time to me to do their due diligence. KEVA hasn’t made their decision yet. I wonder what happens if they say yes? Apparently it’s rare, but it’s happened. The retirement pay KEVA would pay me isn’t anywhere near enough to live on, so it’d be complicated and probably more of a bureautic headache than a save!

And I can never spell propaply probably, no matter how many times I mistype it!


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