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Dynasty II: The Colbys

I’ve been rewatching Dynasty and its spin-off Dynasty II: The Colbys the last few weeks. These two are the soaps I compare all other soaps to (and always find them lacking). I was about 11 or 12 years old when The Colbys aired in the mid-80s, and I loved it even more than Dynasty. I haven’t seen The Colbys since that airing but it has remained my favorite soap in my memories always! 

Dynasty was re-aired here in 2000, but The Colbys have never been re-aired since that original showing.

I capped as many episodes of Dynasty as I could back in 2000 (with Finnish subtitles because that was the only option!) and had a screencap site that was welcomed by Dynasty fans. I got a lot of feedback on that site – apparently I was the first one to cap the series more consistently and Dynasty fans were happy to get full ep screencaps instead of random shots of fave characters, from all seasons. I tried to do at least a handful of episodes from all seasons. I remember that site was hosted by Fortune City, spread over many accounts like I always had to do. Early 2000s was right around when finding free webspace had started to become harder – either the disk space offered was tiny, or the ads were too intrusive and many free webhosts had either shutdown or been eaten by bigger ones and then the free service shut down.

This summer I learned that my local library has all 9 seasons of Dynasty, remembered that season 5 is available in HD, and that The Colbys have actually come out on DVD, the UK release in 2018 which I finally had to buy. So now I’m battling the urge to cap, cap cap! Can’t seriously upload them though unless I delete at least some of the Game Of Thrones UHD screencaps or one of my other sites. Which is lucky I guess – I did decide when I gave up and the other big sites that I wouldn’t have big screencap galleries anymore. Game Of Thrones UHD is the exception and it’s a temporary one. But still – I want to cap, cap, cap!

These caps are from The Colbys episode 1.14 The Trial.

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