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Friday 5 for November 12: “Month” is a strange word

Picture from Pixabay.

Answers to questions.

1. November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Are you a peanut butter lover? What are some ways you enjoy consuming it?

Nope, can’t stand it. Disgustingly sweet.

2. November is National Roasting Month. What did you most recently roast, and how did it come out?

It’s been such a long time since I roasted something that I can’t remember what it was! Probably chicken (it’s usually chicken), and probably delicious (it’s usually delicious).

3. November is National Gratitude Month, which of course leads to the American Thanksgiving holiday. What are you particularly grateful for this month?

I’m particularly grateful right now for the basic social assistance I was approved again for for the next several months (assuming my monthly income doesn’t change which is unlikely). This means I can pay my medical bills and get my medications as soon as I need to, instead hoping I can get to them in due course. The tax return always messes this up because all the benefit norms are much too low, and calculatorily the tax return is supposed to stretch for far longer than it does in reality with the real prices of food/rent/gas etc. There’s a lot of bureacracy involved in getting approved again, even though this happens every damn year.

4. November is National Inspirational Role Models month. Who are some of your inspirational role models?

I don’t have role models, really. I’m really impressed though how a lot of writers such as Dean Koontz or Camilla Läckberg can produce such good text book after book, especially since I wrote my few fanfics and it’s so hard for myself.

5. November is National Family Stories Month. What’s an oft-told story in your family?

We reminisce various things more than tell stories – like “Do you remember how Caro (our Beagle) used to have the tips of her ears always crusty with dried food? Her ears were so cute and silky!” or “Always had to be extra careful while cooking or baking in the kitchen because Caro would be right behind me and I might step on her paws when stepping back or to the side if I didn’t remember to be extra careful about moving around!” or “Remember when we went camping when I was a kid every summer? I loved swimming in the ocean when it was raining; kid!me thought it was so much fun [Mom and Dad didn’t think it was fun on the other hand…]. ” That sort of thing.

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