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The Friday Five for Jan 20, 2023

Answers to this week’s questions over at thefridayfive @ LJ.

1. Who would you like to be able to get into contact with?

There’s no-one in particular I can think of that I’d like to get into contact with and can’t.

2. How do you make yourself go to sleep when you can’t seem to get to sleep?

If it’s a real bad insomnia night nothing can help except time and being awake long enough. Melatonin doesn’t work if it’s serious, and I can’t use sleeping pills.

3. What language(s) do you wish you could speak?

I’d really love to be fluent in French! Both speaking and reading, but especially fluent enough in reading to comfortably be able to read novels in French.

4. What is it about people that confused you the most?

How is it that we are so good at deceiving ourselves so well and ignoring things we don’t like to hear? That confuses me.

5. What major company do you despise the most?

I don’t despise any company, major or minor. Some I don’t like much or think are making stupid decisions but despise is too strong a word. I don’t have strong enough feelings about companies one way or another.

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