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Sep 10, 2012

Health Update – Not Yay

I had the check up with the gastroenterologist today – the end result that I get to go in for a 3rd colonoscopy. Oh yay.   Calprotectin which has been all up and down over the last 3,5 years is up to around 1150 now which is my highest ever (before it was 650) and the gastroenterologist says it can’t be because of byle mal-absorbson. 1150 sounds high but I’ve read and it can be several thousands – even over 10000 – in “serious” bowel diseases such as Crohn’s Disease. So I doesn’t overly worry me, more like makes me curious.

The colonoscopy may or may not reveal a cause – he says the Calprotectin indicates could be a tear in mucous membrane somewhere in the bowel, but wondered about the 2010 colonoscopy didn’t show anything if so because diarrhea had been going on for a little over a year at that point – based on the previous colonoscopies. And then, even though a second capsule endoscopy may be in order if the colonoscopy doesn’t show anything. Even though a capsule endoscopy was just done in February. Fun fun fun. Argh!

The disappointing thing is – the rehabilitation I’ve applied to but don’t know have I been accepted into yet, will start in November 26th – the earliest the colonoscopy could be is middle mid-November because they want another battery of tests, learn their results and because this is a non-urgent colonoscopy, it wasn’t until mid-November before I could get the colonoscopy scheduled. I can almost for sure say already today, if it goes as I think it will – based on past experience with any procedure done to the bowel – I won’t be in any shape to participate in the first week of the rehabilitation and propably not in the second either. Maybe longer. And there’s also the possibility of a capsule endoscopy that needs to be done, and nobody will no know until after the gastroentorologist has reviewed the results of the colonoscopy some time in December. Which in turn will mean at least one full day rehabiliation missed (spent in the hospital) + any days fighting bowels adversion reaction to it afterwards. The first 4 weeks are the most intense and important of the rehabilitation, and I might end up missing most of it.

I think my best bet might be at this point to play it safe – to avoid stress out about this all and ifs and buts, and just simply accept the situation. I have a contact in KELA that I can talk to first and also working pair in the unemployment agency that I actually like, trust and who understand my health situation; they both have been following my situation for two years now.

It’s actually a really weird feeling, to have these outside people I can talk to, not just my family, to find out what they think and what my options are – I’m pretty sure that when I tell them these news and the feelings and thoughts on the matter, they’ll support whatever decision I feel is best for myself instead of trying to force me into something. I didn’t have that before because you don’t get your own contact (unemployed agent and a social worker) at the unemployment agency until you’ve been unemployed XXX number of days, and the KELA contact came into the picture when I told them I’d be interested in rehabilitation at some point in the future and they arranged me to speak with their own KELA officer. I really could have used this outside support when all this sickness first started/was investigated in 2008/2009.

Thyroxin was upped again a little, the numbers came a little short. Haven’t been feeling particularly tired or anything, but could always be more not-tired, so good.

Oh yeah – there were some good news too! My vitamins levels or whatever the heck they are called in the lab tests, were also checked  to see if I need to start taking any vitamin supplements because of Questrin that I have to use when things get bad, and I don’t 😀 I only take vitamin D through the year because as I have may have mentioned once or twice, I hate the sun and brightness (migraine!) so I avoid it the best I can. Hemoglobin was 128 – not great but okay, so I’ll just keep on doing what I’ve doing there.

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