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Aug 27, 2012

Health Update

Summer has been surpringly normal-as-far-migraine-goes so far – owed completely to the fact it’s hardly be able to be called summer. Seriously, why couldn’t this kind cold, rainy summer happen for those two years when I was mowed over by chronic migraine and chronic stomach cramps and/or diarrhea and chronic tiredness 24/7/365 when felt like I was dying every minute? No, it had be the summer to end all summers then. 17 hot days this year; 44 then. Blargh.

In other health related news – I think… I am not dreaming anymore. It’s been about a month now, that I haven’t woken up from sleep and remembered the dream and/or several dreams from the night. I remember that it used to be like this, before the dreaming started in spring of 2009. Now it feels new, and odd, and wonderful. But really odd. I can’t wait to be able to sleep more nights like a normal person, finally!  😀 Feels like the quality of my sleep is maybe better now? Than with constant dreaming, when I often, especially at first, felt like I lived another day while I was sleeping. Which no wonder, because my dreams are always of the action/adventure type.

I wonder what made it stop though. I’ve always been of the opinion that Thyroxin started it – the dreaming started 3 days after I took it for the first time, and never stopped until now. My GP upped the dosage some months ago (April or May), so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Going have the levels checked again for my September appointment with the gastroenterologist, and I hope if Thyroxin needs to be adjusted again, it won’t affect the current no-dreams thing going on. But.. no dreams! YAY!! 😀

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