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Monitor & Sleeplessness

In case you’ve noticed & wondered why, I haven’t been posting much anything latelythat needs weeding out the bad caps in the last several weeks, or wallpapers/icons at all. The reason is:

My 6 year old main monitor – which is a big external one, and the one I solelydo all work on everything on because it’s comfortable to work on for hours at/with unlike the laptop monitor – broke down about a month and a bit ago, and I bought a new one pretty much right away – HD, widescreen, 1920×1080 native resolution Acer monitor. Unfortunately, my trusty but also 6 years old Spyder (it’s so old, it’s not even called Spyder but ColorPlus) can’t calibrate it at all – its technology is too ancient. I couldn’t afford to buy the current generation Spyder4Pro until this week, which I did today and I can’t wait to for it to arrive so I can get back to normal as far as computer stuff goes. I tried but for the life of me, just like the old monitor, I can’t calibrate the new monitor manually at all to use comfortably for anything more than about 15 minutes a time without straining my eyes – it’s just way too bright. Graphics work is out of the question, everything looks too faded. So, it’ll have to wait a proper calibration with the Spyder. Side note: weirdly though, it took me about two days to get used to the widescreen dimensions of it and now it feels more natural than any other monitor I’ve ever used before even though I haven’t used it that much yet. 

In health stuff, my Thyroxin dosage was increased from 75mikrog to 100mikrog a day – all went well while I took 4 pills (4x 25mikrog) because I had just started the damn bottle so I of course wanted to use them all up, and only then start the new prescription bottle which is the same dosage but in one single pill (1x 100mikrog). I don’t know if it’s the 100mikrog pill or what, but I started taking it two weeks ago, and I haven’t been sleeping well since then 🙁 It’s like I’m half awake, half asleep when I sleep and I can’t say for sure if I slept at all. End result, I’ve been feeling kind of off and listless, not wanting to do much of anything. Including computer stuff.

I had to go the dentist today, and the sleep thing has gotten so bad, last night I took one of those mild sleeping aid pills I have left over from last year’s fiasco with Questran and Triptyl to help me fall asleep, because I knew if I didn’t chances were I’d be awake most/all of the night and finally fall asleep like around 5-7am and be just too exhausted to go to the dentist. And it worked – it was the second night of honest to god honest sleep I’d gotten in two weeks. The other one was last week, when I finally got so exhausted after about of week of that half awake/half asleep/was I sleep at all? thing that finally actually slept.

If this sleep thing doesn’t let up, I’ll have to start looking into it. I’ve had bad spells before, so I’m not quite worried yet – just bloody annoyed! Particularly because whatever sleep I ever do get, is always accompanied by dreams. So the quality of sleep isn’t as good, or  normal, as it could be.

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