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The Friday Five for 8 April 2022: Inspired by Jon and Kate Plus 8

Answers to this week’s questions at TheFridayFive@Dreamwidth.

1. Do you like children?

I suppose they’re okay in very small doses if needs must, but I don’t really like children.

2. How many children would you like to have in the future?

I’m child-free so zero.

3. What if you were expecting sextuplets?

This is unlikely to happen because I’d be on birth control. But if it did, abortion most likely. The thought of one child is unattractive, sextuplets go right into nightmare realm.

4. If TLC offered to share your life on TV, would you accept the offer?

I don’t know what TLC is, but I don’t want my life on TV, so the answer is no, I would not.

5. What would you name the sextuplets?

If for some reason I was forced to carry the pregnancy to term and birth them, I’d give them out for adoption. I doubt I’d give them names.

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