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Jul 8, 2022

The Friday Five for 8 July 2022

Image from Pixabay.

Answers to today’s questions at The Friday Five @ DW.

1. What is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone else?

I don’t do sweet… the things I do are more on the practical side. But I’m always ready to help my family and friends with computer and phone and internet stuff – I’m the most well versed in computers and internet among my circle. My cousins’ kids are sort of better with smartphones, so nowadays they help the old folk the most with phone stuff but sometimes I’m needed to say setup transfering of files easily and quickly between smartphones and computers. I don’t mind having sometimes to do a lot of research to solve someone’s problem, or being asked to upgrade their Windows to the next version for them or to help them restore backups. They just need to accept that it might take me a few days or a week to figure out a problem if it’s a difficult one, and that I might take their laptop home for a few days to make it easier to work on it.

I also help them research subjects sometimes – like if someone gets ill and want to read more about their new disease, I’ll find them reputable, reliable medical sources online.

I did make a limit on what computers I help with when WFH became more common – only personal computers, not work computers. Unless it’s something that takes literally one minute and isn’t actually a problem such as changing wallpaper background or screen font size or chaning the speed with which their mouse cursor moves (surprising how many people don’t know how to do stuff like that!), their IT desk should help with it.

2. What do you wish people would do for you?

I guess… just be together without a particular agenda, chatting about nothing in particular? That not everything is always about computers, or worry about health/life/work etc? Sometimes it feels like either me or them is always having something heavy going on when we meet. We’ve had to learn to put a limit on how much we talk about that stuff, because obviously we want to support one another but that can’t be all it is.

3. What are your simplest pleasures?

Right now? Strawberries! But year around, visiting with my Mom. It’s just so relaxing being with her because she knows me inside and out and my history and doesn’t judge that certain things are important to me even if she doesn’t understand them or why. There’s no one else who knows me as well as my Mom and there’s freedom in that.

4. What makes you feel all warm & fuzzy?

Seeing my Mom, especially now that we don’t see each other as often as we used to. When Caro (our Beagle) was alive, I loved it when she curled up beside to nap while I watched TV or read – because she always liked be touching some part of me when napping during the day 🙂 That was so sweet.

5. How do you define love?

Huh, I haven’t actually thought about it… can’t put it in words.

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