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Aug 18, 2022

GoodINKPressions Tomoe River 68gsm Notebook

I bought a 68gsm Tomoe River blank A5 notebook from [ profile] GoodINKPressions and the paper is absolutely divine! Buttery smooth with all my fountain pens I’ve tried so far (multiple European M nibs, one Chinese RM). Less see-through than the 52gsm Tomoe River. I’m really impressed – I think I might actually prefer the 68gsm version over the 52gsm version! The notebook itself is very well-made and it’s a pleasure to write in. The package arrived from Spain to Finland in 9 days in perfect condition. I’m so, so happy with this purchase 😀

It’s my understanding that [ profile] GoodINKPressions makes their Tomoe River 68gsm notebooks with the original Tomoe River stock, while their 52gsm notebooks are now made with the newer stock, made with no.9 machine. I haven’t read anywhere about if anything will change with the 68gsm line like with the 52gsm, but going by this sample, I hope not!

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